Montreal Kits DAY 4

 Montreal Kits Day 4 is a lot about "Investigating and Planning Monetization Options" but, before I tell you more about DAY 4, I'd like to go back to Montreal Kits Day 3 and to the Site Content Blueprint of DAY 3. 

 Brainstorm It! is the tool SBIers like me use to "brainstorm" a particular keyword such as "business." The list of the many different keyword phrases generated by Brainstorm It! is called the Master Keyword List.

 Keyword phrases, some with high profitability and keyword page contents such as "montreal business area," "home business idea," "commercial business loan," "small business grant," "restaurant business plan" to create and to link to Montreal Kits. 

Solo Build It!

Your Day 4 with SBI!

 Now back to Montreal Kits Day 4, to the problems, the needs and the desires of our ideal visitor and to the solutions Montreal Kits can offer. A DAY 4 also about two monetization options to implement during DAY 10 and to other potential ways to monetize when ready.

 Montreal Kits Day 4 asks the following question "Do you want a hobby or a business?" First I wanted a hobby, now I want a profitable online business so, let's get to it. 

 "You have nailed your keyword research, your site's structure is well-planned in your Content Blueprint..." I sort of did it backward but I'll survive, Montreal Kits will survive with the help of SBI! Action Guide I now dutifully follow, one DAY at a time.

DIY Day 4

 Who is interested in a series of "kits" about Montreal and Montrealers? What kind of information do these people want? When do they want it? Where are those people? Why are they interested? and How can I deliver what they want or need? Questions that need to be answered and Information that need to be supplied.

 I skipped some SBI! DAYS, parts of them but, although my choice of the word "kit" singular and plural was not done randomly, it was not based on "who are my visitors" either.

 Then again, Montreal Kits is constantly and virtually visiting Montreal, having a virtual business lunch in a local restaurant, looking for a hotel, shopping on one of our commercial streets, telling you about it, explaining it to you, answering your questions...

Solo Build It!

 BLOG is about What's your beef? Qu'est-ce qui vous achale? BUSINESS is about an economy that comes second after the city of Toronto, CLUB is about a newsletter, an ezine and a community, GLOBAL is about a world business from a local perspective"

 ISLAND is about the City of Montreal, 19 boroughs and 15 other cities, Professionals is about professional services, duties and responsibilities, Shopping is about our local products and services, Tourism is about regional tourism trends, attractions and hidden treasures and Urban is about information and lifestyles.

 What I could, must improve is plan in advance each series of TIER 3 pages under each of the TIER 2 "home pages" using Brainstorm It! and the Master Keyword List. The official "home page" being Montreal Kits. As for "who are my visitors" a question that now needs to be answered.

Investigate & Plan Monetization Options

 My main goal with Montreal Kits was and still is about "comment ça marche Montréal." Who is interested in finding out about how the Island and the City of Montreal are organized and about what our city and our island have to offer to Montrealers and other residents?

 According to SBI! Solo Build It!  "a site should only target one specific persona" so, what are the main characteristics of this fictional character? Who is my ideal visitor? Who do I want to attract as a visitor and as a customer and how can I synchronize niche, persona and monetization models? Quite a task!

Montreal Kits DAY 4

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