Montreal Kits DAY 3

 I just realized I ignored a good part of my Montreal Kits Day 3. I skipped many paragraphs and now I see I missed important information including those related to "having a fully developed plan on which content to write when and which pages will connect to other pages."

 If it wouldn't have been for COVID-19 and for having to stay home almost all the time, I don't think I would've written this series. The e business strategy by SBI! Solo Build It! Action Guide is useful, so, let's catch up and let's do it right.

 In short, Montreal Kits DAY 3 is about understanding the importance of Site Content Blueprint and of Search Intent. It is also about having a full list of excellent keywords with which to publish content pages.

 First, let's make sure I/we understand the difference between a keyword and a topic. A keyword such as "travel agency agent" is the keyword phrase typed by someone, anyone in a "Search the Web" box.

 A search "travel agency agent" made for many different reasons such as planning a trip with the help of a travel agent or searching for a travel agency. The topic, on the other hand, would be, in proper English, "travel agency" and/or "travel agent." 

Your Montreal Kits DAY 3 With SBI!

 A site concept is either an answer to a problem or, a story. Montreal Kits site concept is "discovering the many aspects that characterize Montreal and Montrealers." In other words, Montreal Kits is, let's say, 85% informative and 15% stories. I like to inform and I like to tell stories but, the information about Montreal and Montrealers always come first.

550x376STM - Ici Radio Canada

 What else? Search intent also called keyword intent is the ultimate goal when someone is using a search engine. There are different types of keyword intent such as commercial intent, informational intent, navigational intent and transactional intent.

 Commercial intent is related to purchasing a product or a service, informational intent is about learning something, navigational intent is related to searching the internet with the intent of finding a specific website (such as Montreal Kits of course!) and, transactional intent is about using specific product names associated with buying and shipping words. 

550x408La Presse - Valérie Plante, Mayor of the City of Montreal and Philippe Schnobb, President of the STM Board of Directors

DIY DAY 3 as in Do It Yourself ...

 "Time spent now is time well invested. Fully evaluating your keywords and creating a complete Content Blueprint will pay dividends. The decisions you make on DAY 3 and DAY 4 will determine the size of the success of all your efforts." says/writes Ken Evoy in his SBI! Action Guide.

 The following is the Site Content Blueprint of Montreal Kits I never quite prepared let alone refine as I should have done on Montreal Kits DAY 3. I don't know how a proper Site Content Blueprint should look like, must look like, at least not yet, but this one probably needs some improvements. 

Tier 1 - Montreal Kits Home Page

550x280SBI! Site Build It! Site Structure and Content Blueprint

Tier 2s Keyword Focus Content Pages

  • Montreal KITS
  • Montreal BLOG Kit
  • Montreal BUSINESS Kit
  • Montreal CLUB Kit
  • Montreal GLOBAL Kit
  • Montreal ISLAND Kit
  • Montreal PROFESSIONALS Kit
  • Montreal SHOPPING Kit
  • Montreal TOURISM Kit
  • Montreal URBAN Kit

Tier 3s Keyword Focus Content Pages

  • What's Your Beef? Qu'est-ce qui vous achale BLOG?
  • An economy that comes second after the city of Toronto BUSINESS. 

  • A newsletter, an ezine and a community CLUB.

  • A world business from a local perspective GLOBAL.
  • The City of Montreal, 19 boroughs and 15 other Cities ISLAND.
  • Professional services, duties and responsibilities PROFESSIONALS.

  • Local products and services SHOPPING.

  • Regional tourism trends, attractions and hidden treasures TOURISM.

  • Local information and lifestyles URBAN.

Brainstorm Profitable Topics

 Now I remember why I partly skipped DAY 3. Somewhere on the page (SBI! Action Guide is available in Read - Watch - Mobile Tablet - Audio Version) it says: 

 "Discuss your proposed Site Content Blueprint with colleagues in the SBI! Forums and with your Personal Network (to adjust your plan where necessary and to finalize your thinking)."

 "Finish with your "Site Content Blueprint" in hand".

 This was when a depression made me want to distance myself from other people. Something like "I don't want to be alone ... but leave me alone". Each time I tell someone about that part of my life I always add "I earned a Master's Degree and I built a website called Montreal Kits." But no Forum and no Social Media, at least not yet. Same with the Monetization part, the "win-win" part. Then again, I'm getting there, that's for sure.

Montreal Kits DAY 3

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