Montreal Kits

May 21st, 2019. Local retail stores and brand stories are currently our main target market. 
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Montreal Kits is related to each our M Kit, M for Montréal, M for Montrealers and Kits for all the local knowledge we wish to share with you. A set of Kits with a vast assortment of facts and information about Montreal and Montrealers. 

Montreal Rivers

The Algonquin referred to themselves as the "down-river-people", They migrated from the Atlantic coast down the Gulf of St-Lawrence, arrived at what they called "the first meeting place" near Montreal and settled on both sides of the Ottawa River.

In Mohawk, an Iroquoian language, our Island is called "the place of where the axes are made" around the Island of Montreal or "broken in two" rivers, the St-Lawrence River and the Ottawa River. 

We created our series of Montreal Kits in a similar manner. Our Kits are "the place of where the axes are made and broken into many" around Montreal and Montrealers and, more specifically, around its commercial streets and retail stores.

Montreal Kits as in a "Set of Things" 

On the one hand, a kit is described as a "set of things" needed for a specific purpose. On the other, Montreal Kits is described as a set of detailed features, specific information and interesting clues about Montreal and Montrealers. 

How are we going to do all this? Simply by contacting, meeting and talking with all those interested and then by telling you. Behind every product, every service and every achievement there are individuals with talent, passion and dedication.


Montreal BLOG Kit - MBK is where we discuss the problems our local retailers need to solve. Old and new challenges regarding customer expectations and loyalty, technological challenges, labour shortages, social media strategies...


Montréal BUSINESS Kit - MBK is about each of our commercial streets and each of their fashion stores, restaurants, gift stores, pharmacies, flower shops, professionals such as notaries, accountants, dentists, optometrists...


Montréal CLUB Kit - MCK is where all our "club members" are gathered. Members such as retail stores of course as well as you, our visitors who subscribe to our newsletters and who follow us on our social networks.


Montréal GLOBAL Kit - MGK is about the global expansion of the retail operations and expertise of some of our local retailers. It is also about retail concepts such as innovations, alliances and technological advantages.


Montréal ISLAND Kit - MIK is about the Island of Montreal with its City of Montreal, 19 boroughs and 15 reconstituted Cities. A Kit also about our commercial streets and about each of their distinctive features and specialties.


Montréal PROFESSIONALS Kit - MPK is related to the professional duties of 46 professional orders and 54 regulated professions. Professional orders to protect the public and professional associations to protect their members.


Montréal SHOPPING Kit - MSK is all about our commercial streets, our local retailers and the products they offer. A drop shipping place where products from our retail stores are first explained, then sold, then shipped by the retailers.


Montréal TOURISM Kit - MTK is related to our comfortable hotels, specialty stores, gourmet restaurants, lively bars, great shopping sprees, things to do and attractions to see that all are definitely not just for tourists.


An easy to use Montréal URBAN Kit - MUK provides factual, accurate and precise information regarding the customs and manners of Montreal and Montrealers. Many urban circumstances and lots of cultural situations. 

Each and everyone of you are certainly and definitely more than welcome to visit and to comment as often as you wish. We like to hear from you, we value your opinion and we cordially invite you to Keep in Touch! as often as you wish. 

Montreal Kits by Rachel Louise Barry