Montreal KITS

Montreal Kits is about each our M Kit, M for Montréal, M for Montrealers and Kits for all the local information we wish to share with you. A set of Kits with a vast assortment of facts and peculiarities about Montreal and Montrealers. 


Our Montréal BLOG Kit - MBK gives a voice to our Kits and insights to our content by way of one simple question: What's Your Beef? / Qu'est-ce qui vous achale ? What kind of important issues do you have with Montreal and Montrealers?

In Ojibwe, an Algonquian language, the island of Montreal is the "first meeting place" and in Mohawk, an Iroquoian language, our Island is "a place where nations and rivers unite and divide". As a result and in the same manner, we created a series of Montreal Kits so we can meet, unite and divide into many kinds of collaboration and accomplishments.


Montréal BUSINESS Kit - MBK explains how business is done and how employment looks like. MBK also provides details about the products and services offered by each! of our 60,000 or so top business companies. 

Montreal Kits is based on our economy, that is on the 60,000 or so companies established on the Island of Montreal. Companies that provide specific goods and services, that create career jobs and locations that each have an impact on companies, employees, suppliers and customers. 


Montréal CLUB Kit - MCK is about our Cultural Codes and your enlistment to our newsletters. A chocolate colour that symbolizes creation, pleasure and practicality such as regular "specials" offered by our 60,000 or so companies.

A kit is described as a "set of things" needed for a specific purpose, whereas Montreal Kits is described as a set of detailed features, specific characteristics and interesting clues about Montreal and Montrealers. "Things"  such as multiculturalism, franglais, paid work, shopping, traffic, weather, festivals, sports, nightlife, lifestyles...


Montréal GLOBAL Kit - MGK is a lot about our 10 provinces and 3 territories. A Kit that is also about our Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA), Canada's internal trade framework and comprehensive set of rules of July 1st, 2017.

Each and every businesses and companies located on the Island of Montreal do play an important role in the competitiveness and economic growth of the City of Montreal, but the reverse is also true, Montrealers are important assets in any kind of business success, monetary rewards and positive impacts on each of our local businesses.


Montréal ISLAND Kit - MIK is about the Island of Montreal with its City of Montreal and 19 boroughs and its 15 reconstituted Cities. It is also about the services offered by the Island officially called Agglomeration and those offered by the boroughs and the cities.

Social activity, cultural achievement and political life are part of our daily lives. Being familiar with the municipal administrations of each of our 16 Cities is definitely essential since Cities do play a very important role in our everyday life and well being.  


Montréal PROFESSIONALS Kit - MPK is about the professional duties and responsibilities of each of our 46 professional orders that supervise the practice of 54 regulated professions. It is also about each of their respective professional associations.

Our privileges and responsibilities as citizens are some of the reasons why each of our Montréal Kits offers a large assortment of information, definitions and explanations regarding Montreal and Montrealers as well as regarding the professional responsibility and accountability of our municipal and provincial leaders.


Montréal SHOPPING Kit - MSK is about the products and services offered by the 60,000 or so companies established on the Island of Montreal and about drop shipping arrangements with suppliers, manufacturers and distributors. 

The word citizen is derived from the word city and, as residents of any of the 16 cities of the Island of Montreal, we do have the responsibility and the obligation to contribute to the social, the economic and the environmental well-being of our Island.


Montréal TOURISM Kit - MTK about comfortable hotels, great shopping sprees, gourmet restaurants, interesting museums, lively festivals and special tourism attractions in Old Montreal, the Old Port and downtown Montreal.

How are we going to do all this? Simply by contacting, meeting and asking all those interested and then by telling you. Behind every product, every service and every job there are people with talents, passions and commitments and there are companies with creativity, determination and accomplishments.


An easy to use Montréal URBAN Kit - MUK that provides all kinds of factual information regarding Montreal and Montrealers' customs and manners in each borough, each area, each district and each neighborhood. 

Each and everyone of you are certainly and definitely more than welcome to visit and to comment as often as you wish. We like to hear from you, we value your opinion and we cordially invite you to Keep in Touch! as often as you wish. 

Montreal KITS by Rachel Louise Barry