Montreal Kits as a Set of Things 

Montréal Kits with all kinds of "things" about the many aspects that characterize Montreal and Montrealers. A Montreal Kits also about the 60,000 or so companies established on the Island of Montreal, including our retail businesses.

A series of Montreal Kits related to each of our M Kit, M for Montréal, M for Montrealers and Kits for all the local knowledge and insights we wish to share with you. A set of Kits with interesting facts, valuable  information and several clues about Montreal and Montrealers. 

550x735An alley right behind the Cadillac Metro Station on Sherbrooke East

Montreal Kits

A Kit is a "set of things" needed for different reasons while our Montreal Kits  is a "set of information" about the many aspects that characterize Montreal and Monrealers. 

Montreal Blog Kit

Montréal BLOG Kit that gives a voice to our Kits and insights to our content. A blog about Qu'est-ce qui vous achale? What's Your Beef? with Montreal and Montrealers. 

550x495A car and a flower bush in Mercier Ouest.

Montreal Business Kit

Montréal BUSINESS Kit about each  of our 60,000 or so companies established on the Island of Montreal. SMEs that are part of our economic growth, job creation and innovation.

Montreal Club Kit

Montréal CLUB Kit where all our "club members" are gathered. Members such as you, our visitors who subscribe to our newsletters and who share the same interests on our networks.

550x575Sherbrooke Street East - MHM or Anjou?

Montreal Global Kit

Montréal GLOBAL Kit related to the increasing importance of world trade and to the resulting growth of our global economies.

Montreal Island Kit

Montréal ISLAND Kit about the Island of Montreal with its City of Montreal, 19 boroughs and 15 reconstituted and linked Cities. 

550x505Still on Sherbroke East over de Boucherville Street & Highway 25 - Kind of scary.

Montreal Professionals Kit

Montréal PROFESSIONALS Kit  related to the professional duties of 46 professional orders and 54 regulated professions. Professional orders to  protect the public and professional associations to protect their members.

Montreal Shopping Kit

Montréal SHOPPING Kit about our local products and services and about drop shipping. A colorful and diversified drop shipping kit where our products are described, then sold, then shipped by local companies.

550x645On my way to the hardresser, this time on Baldwin Street

Montreal Tourism Kit

Montréal TOURISM Kit related to a better understanding of some of our  cultural, geographical and historical surroundings. Those related to our City and boroughs and to our Island.  

Montreal Urban Kit

An easy to use Montréal URBAN Kit with many practical information about our public and urban surroundings. An assortment of local and cultural habits, manners and other peculiarities.

550x565Baldwin Street in Anjou

Montreal Kits as the First Meeting Place

The Algonquin referred to themselves as the "down-river-people",

They migrated from the Atlantic coast down the Gulf of St-Lawrence, arrived at what they called "the first meeting place" near Montreal and settled on both sides of the Ottawa River. 

In Mohawk, an Iroquoian language, our Island is "where the axes are made" around the Island of Montreal or "broken in two" rivers, the St-Lawrence River and the Ottawa River. 

We created our series of Montreal Kits in a similar manner. Our Kits are "the place where the axes are made and broken into many" around Montreal and Montrealers.

Montreal Kits by Rachel Louise Barry


Discovering the 60,000 or so companies established on the Island of Montreal.