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 A series of Montreal Kits website related to each of our M Kit, M for Montreal, M for Montrealers and Kits for all the local facts we wish to share with you. Information about our municipal organization, our companies, our employment, our import-export corporations, our real estate, our languages, our local businesses ...

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 Hot or cold, rain or shine we always do our best to offer you, our visitors from all over the world, a never-ending flow of new pages, new information, new pictures, new people, new announcements, new developments, new surprises ...

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 BLOG information as in a mixture of subjects, sponsors and information. Subjects such as Montreal and Montrealers, sponsors such as First Nations and information such as a collection of articles published regularly. Definitely a never ending work in progress.

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 BUSINESS information about Indigenous companies established in the City of Montreal and about commercial streets, retail outlets, gourmet stores, coffee shops, wine bars, restaurants, hotels, SMEs.

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 CLUB information where all our "club members" are gathered. Members such as participating companies and such as you, our visitors who are part of our endeavor with your regular and constant support.

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 GLOBAL related to the importance of international trade of products and services between countries. Global trade that has become increasingly important across borders and territories.

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 ISLAND with a City of Montreal and 19 boroughs and with seven Cities, six Towns, one Ville and one Village. A City and an Island officially called Montreal Urban Agglomeration. 

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 PROFESSIONALS and the 46 professional orders and 54 regulated professions of the province. Orders to regulate access to the profession and Associations to ensure legitimate practice.

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 SHOPPING about our local products and services. A colorful and diversified drop shipping kit where local products are described, then sold, then shipped by local companies.

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 TOURISM related to a better understanding of our geographical, cultural and historical aspects. Our City is set on an Island on the St-Lawrence River and is the largest in the province of Quebec.

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 URBAN with practical explanations about our urban structures such as houses, commercial buildings, roads, bridges and railways and about urban expenditures and taxes.

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 Montréal, une ville universitaire, un pouvoir industriel, un pouvoir commercial, une situation stratégique, des coûts concurrenciels, une population bilingue, un bassin de main-d’oeuvre qualifiée, un système de transport en commun efficace, une qualité de vie exceptionelle ...

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