Montreal CLUB Kit

A Montreal Club Kit along with a newsletter and e-zine in a chocolate colour that symbolizes our interest and yours for information, knowledge and commitment.

Why both, a newsletter and an e-zine? It's not both and it's not either. Newsletters and ezines are just about the same except that, according to some, an ezine is longer while a newsletter is shorter and usually more frequent. 

Newsletters and ezines, whatever their length to provide information about many if not all the small shops and bigger stores established on our commercial streets. Busy streets where residences and businesses coexist and where pedestrian activities bring vibrancy and animation.

A Montreal Club Kit that represents creation, pleasure and practicality. Montreal as in Montrealers, Club as in an association of people with common interests and Kit as in a "set of things" about our retail outlets, gourmet stores, coffee shops, wine bars, restaurants, hotels... all over Montreal.

Montreal Club Kit and E-Shopping Trends

In Montreal, the percentage of web shopping sales is still low, but the digital buyer penetration is strong. E-shopping in Montreal represents an interesting market for retailers and for those looking for jobs in retail. 

A small percentage of local e-shopping occurs approximately once a month, and an even smaller percentage occurs once every 2 to 3 weeks. Montrealers are buying a rather large amount of goods and services online, but mostly from the world giants - at least for now!

Our retail businesses cannot, must not limit the development and the expansion of their online shopping sites, but they must also never forget the importance and the value of a direct face-to-face customer interaction.

Our commercial streets are indispensable and so are our service companies such as pharmacies, dry cleaners and banks. Also indispensable are our specialty shops, fashion boutiques, restaurants and cafes all entwined in the unique cultural character of our theatres, bookstores and art galleries.

Commercial Restorations and Retail Marketing

In order to "renouer avec le commerce sur rue" the "Comité consultatif sur le Plan commerce de la Ville de Montréal" put forward 23 recommandations divided into six sections.

  1. Alleviate business taxation.
  2. Customize the challenges of digital technologies.
  3. Enhance the consumer experience.
  4. Improve construction sites. Compensate service and retail businesses.
  5. Position Montreal as the best shopping destination.
  6. Simplify all regulations and improve the flow of requests.

Some of our retail businesses and service companies buildings need repairs and improvements. Consequently, their knowledge and expertise as well as the quality of the commercial and business services they offer are not always recognized for their true value.

Fortunately, a city wide gentrification process is taking place on many of our commercial streets. The repairing and rebuilding of some of our service companies and retail businesses reaffirm our interest for shopping retail stores and services supplies and help create a new and regular and interesting influx of pedestrians and customers.

Montréal CLUB Kit by Rachel Louise Barry


Discovering the 60,000 or so companies established on the Island of Montreal.