Montreal Blog Kit

Our goal with our Montreal Blog Kit is a lot about What's Your Beef? Qu'est-ce qui vous achale ? with Montreal and Montrealers.

A Kit is described as a set of "things" and each our ten other Montreal Kits are described as sets of facts and evidence about Montreal and Montrealers. Our goal is to describe, illustrate and share the many aspects that characterize Montreal and Montrealers.

What are your issues and ours with Montreal and Montrealers? What should we improve, modify, develop, share, copy, invent?

Anything that could or should be fixed except that your beef and ours must be constructive and not exclusively emotional or critical.

We need facts, we need suggestions and we need answers. Our main purpose and our one and only ambition is to be positive, creative and informative.

What is a Blog?

Let's just say that we wish to supply each and everyone of you with the information you require, the descriptions you desire, the solutions you need to find and the knowledge you wish to acquire about Montreal and Montrealers.

550x649Montreal Summer Photo by RLB

Facts and evidence about us, about our surroundings, our characteristics and, of course, our peculiarities. Information about the way we are organized and disorganized and about the impact of our two languages, our two cultures and our multiculturalism.

A deeper historical knowledge and a finer understanding of the reasons why we are who we are today. Mayor Valérie Plante is the 55th mayor of the City of Montreal and the first woman to be elected. What happened before? Why did it take so long to happen?

Montreal Blog Kit Definition

A Montreal Blog Kit with blog texts and blog images related to each of our ten other Montreal Kits. A blog about what we mean by urban daily life, about how we do business, how our municipal administration is organized, how our professionals obtain their right to practice...

A blog about what we do right and what do wrong. And, more importantly and highly interesting, a blog about the network with other cities and other citizens throughout the world we wish to create and to share with you. 

A blog is either an online journal or an informational website. Bloggers share their views on various subjects, give advice, write a story, keep a personal diary, publish information... People write for many different reasons, and Montreal Blog Kit is no stranger to these reasons. 

We do wish to build all kinds of relationships with online users like you from all over the world. We also wish to connect and engage with you, our audience through the content pages and blog pages we write, the information we supply and the comments and concerns you may have.

Simply go with the flow, one kit at a time and tell us about what you like or dislike about Montreal and Montrealers using our Keep in Touch. What we wish to do is  better ourselves and share all kinds of information with you. 

Montreal BLOG Kit by Rachel Louise Barry