Montreal Shopping Kit

In Montreal Shopping Kit, shopping and hearts desires go together. Shopping in Montreal or anywhere else in the world being related to all kinds of "things" to buy, those that are necessary, those that please us and those that make us happy.

A "I love shopping" Kit and a series of products and services offered by some of the 60,000 or so companies established on the Island of Montreal.

A Montreal Shopping Kit mostly related to our commercial streets where our local boutiques, shops, restaurants, cafés and bars and are gathered under their respective SDC - Société de développement commercial

Some kind of a "Products and Shopping Directory" and a Kit that, hopefully, will eventually become your favorite Montreal "online shopping catalog" for you to rummage through as often as you wish. 

Shopping Trends

A shopping retail store industry with plenty of highs and lows. 

Retail businesses are highly influenced by variables such as competition, technology, economic changes and shopping trends. Traditional seasons such as Christmas shopping and toy shopping still provide noticeable traffic and sales volumes, but they do not always carry retailers through the year. 

Commercial streets are central to our everyday life. In Montreal and in comparable cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, both sides of a typical commercial street usually offer 300 to 400 stores, many of which being independently owned.

Best Online Shopping

Then again, most e-commerce businesses, those that sell goods or services online, understand the opportunities offered by their business online shopping.

They are aware that advantages include lower costs for maintenance and a higher capacity for goods and deliveries. They are also aware that disadvantages include a lack of credibility, delay in delivery and customer service challenges.

Many consumers prefer the shopping experience, the touch and feel of the merchandise and the interactivity they have with the retailers. They want to see how attractive the product is or how easy it is to use. They want to know more about it and they want to touch it, especially when they are shopping for clothing, furniture and appliances.

Most if not all consumers know about potential credit and security frauds online. Each time our personal information is captured by a retailer or an e-commerce business, we are aware we could be the victim of a credit card fraud or an identity fraud. We should always take extra care when making a credit card payment.

Shopping Essentials in Montreal Shopping Kit

Commercial streets, those with at least 50 stores are part of our living environment. Our economic and social vitality depends on our bridal stores, discount stores, electronics stores, furniture stores, hardware stores...

Customers want to go, want to know, want to touch.

One part of a street may have too many empty stores and another too many liquidation sales, but our commercial streets with their retail stores still in business will not, must not be replaced by online-retail.

Despite present changes and challenges, commercial streets as destinations for socializing still remain, must remain especially since the everyday needs of local residents are the key to the success of our commercial streets and merchants.

Montreal SHOPPING Kit by Rachel Louise Barry