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 Montreal Shopping Kit and hearts desires definitely go together. Shopping in Montreal and buying all kinds of "things", those that are necessary, those that make us happy and those that please our family, our children, our friends, our co-workers...

 An "I love shopping" Kit and a series of products and services offered by most if not all the 60,000 or so companies and retailers established on the Island of Montreal. Products and services for you to discover, to shop, to buy, to appreciate, to offer, to exchange...

550x406Saint-Laurent or Saint-Lawrence Boulevard is a major street in Montreal - Photo RLB

 A Montreal Shopping Kit related to many if not all our commercial streets where our local boutiques, shops, restaurants, cafés, bars are gathered under each of their respective SDC - Société de développement commercial

 There are approximately 7,700 retail stores on the island of Montreal. Retail stores who employ close to 115,000 people. Stores, restaurants and bars who, all together, give jobs to as many as 185,000 men, women and students.

 Some kind of a "Products and Business Services Directory" and a Kit we hope will eventually become your favorite Montreal "Online Catalogue Shopping Kit" for you to rummage through as often as you wish and from wherever you are. 

550x470Saint-Laurent or Saint-Lawrence Boulevard is a major street in Montreal - Photo RLB

 A Montreal Shopping Kit and a retail store industry with plenty of highs and lows. Business retail trade being highly influenced by variables such as competition, technology, economic variations, sanitary situations and shopping trends.

 Traditional seasons such as Christmas shopping still provide noticeable traffic and sales volumes and so does grocery shopping and daily shopping essentials.

 Then again, all the present and regular women shopping, men shopping, teenage shopping and baby shopping all put together are not always sufficient to carry all our retailers throughout their fiscal year.

550x621Saint-Laurent or Saint-Lawrence Boulevard is a major street in Montreal - Photo RLB

Montreal Shopping Kit Builder

 Commercial streets and malls shopping centers are part of our smart shopping experience.

 In Montreal and in comparable cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, both sides of our major commercial streets and shopping malls usually offer 300 to 400 shopping major retailers with many that are independently owned.

 Local shopping on small commercial neighbor streets and street corners in each of our living environments that are also part of our shopping experience.

 A local economic and social vitality and a proximity shopping where our useful "dépanneurs" and neighbors restaurants and pizza house, pharmacies, dry cleaners, hardware stores... are nearby.

550x646Saint-Laurent or Saint-Lawrence Boulevard is a major street in Montreal - Photo RLB

 E-commerce stands for electronic commerce and refers to buying and selling goods and services or to any other kind of commercial transaction using the Internet for transferring money and data related to a transaction. 

  • Online Shopping is a form of e-commerce that allows consumers to buy goods and services from sellers such as Amazon and Alibaba. Purchases that are made over the Internet using web browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • Drop Shipping is an e-commerce method used by retailers who do not wish to keep any goods in stock. Instead, they transfer their customers' orders and shipment details to the manufacturer, to another retailer, or to a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.
550x451Saint-Laurent or Saint-Lawrence Boulevard is a major street in Montreal - Photo RLB

 Then again, many consumers prefer the touch and feel the merchandise and the interactivity they have with retailers and sales persons.

 Some customers want to see how attractive the product is, others need to touch it, try it, raise questions, especially when they are shopping for furniture, appliances and clothing.

 That said, most if not all consumers know or should know about potential credit and security frauds. Each time our personal information is captured offline or online, we know we could be the victim of a credit card fraud or identity fraud.

 We also know that we should always take extra care when making a credit or a debit card payment.

550x572Saint-Laurent or Saint-Lawrence Boulevard is a major street in Montreal - Photo RLB

 One part of a commercial street may have too many empty stores and another too many liquidation sales, but streets with stores still in business do not, must not be replaced by online stores, those that allow consumers to buy goods and services from websites.

 Despite present changes and challenges, commercial streets as destinations to activities such as shopping, walking, socializing and meeting with friends and family members still exist, must exist.

 Local residents and local merchants definitely need each other and so does Montreal Shopping Kit, we need to work and deal with both.

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Montreal Shopping Kit

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