e-Business Strategies

 A personalized series of Montreal e-business strategies during and after COVID-19, the disease newly discovered and still around unfortunately.

 The good news though, we are slowly learning how to cope with it, how to live with it, how to remain relatively calm and how to get rid of it, thanks to the COVID-19 vaccines. From now on, let's have less fear and more hope for the future while protecting ourselves and all the others the best we can.  

 Montreal e-Business Strategies about how I integrated SBI! Solo Build It! Action Guide into a period of "dispiritedness" in proper English also called a period of "écoeurantite aigue" in not so proper Québécois. For those who don't know about our "joual" language, it comes from the word "cheval" pronounced "joual" in our colloquial language.


Five (5) Powerful e-Business Strategies

 Another day with COVID-19 but also with a brand new e-Business Kit 1 - DAY 1. Life must go on and so does the present 1 to 10 series of a made-to-measure e business strategy called SBI! Solo Build It! Action Guide.

 An e-Business Kit 2 - DAY 2 followed by 8 other e-business since Ken Evoy's Solo Build It! Action Guide is divided into 10 days, or 10 months or 10 years, whatever suits your needs and your requirements.

 I just realized I ignored a good part of e-Business Kit 3 - DAY 3. I skipped many paragraphs including "having a fully developed plan on which content to write when, and which pages will connect to other pages."

 e-Business Kit 4 - DAY 4 is a lot about "Investigating and Planning Monetization Options" but, before I do this, I need to go back to e-Business Kit 3 and to more details about the Site Content Blueprint of DAY 3. 

 e-Business Kit 5 - DAY 5 is sort of delayed, mainly because the anxiety that comes with the COVID-19 confinement has a tendency to catch up with me on a regular basis. If you are anxious do not hesitate, contact someone you love and trust.


Five (5) more Powerful e-Business Strategies

 e-Business Kit 6 - DAY 6 is when we bring out the artist in us and start creating our site design using Site Designer. DAY 6 is also when we customize our very own Look & Feel, one that reflects our personality and our "charm." 

 e-Business Kit 7 - DAY 7 is when we start using the SBI!'s SEHQ Brainstorm and the Keyword Value Tasks to find keywords that will bring traffic to our pages. I can't say I understand what this means but DAY 7 will inform me.

 A sort of postponed e-Business Kit 8 - DAY 8 caused by a "down" moment. This pandemic is terrible and, despite spouse, children, friends, neighbors, pet animals and what have you, we still have, I still have very scary and very lonely moments.

 Two more e-Business Kit 9 - DAY 9 and DAY 10 to write and to share with you, my visitors, and a specific SBI! Solo Build It! e-business strategy to help me and you live through the anxiety brought by this terrible pandemic.

 This is it, this is e-Business Kit 10 - DAY 10, the last of the SBI! Solo Build It! Action Guide. DAY 10 is when we determine whether we and our website are ready to monetize and to turn traffic into income.

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e-Business Strategies

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