E Business Strategy

E business strategy is about how I integrated Solo Build It! into a period of "dispiritedness" in Québécois the correct expression would be "écoeurantite aigue", accompanied by a Master Degree in Public Administration, followed by a self-confidence I never had before.

Solo Build It!

We can't do much regarding COVID-19 except follow the rules, take all the necessary precautions and keep an eye on our relatives, our friends and some of our neighbours. But, we can do "something" whatever it is about our own anxieties and our own worries. 

That "something" could very well be Solo Build It! that happened to be the "solo" therapy I needed then and still does but for an entirely different reason. A Solo Build It! that could also be the therapy you need now. We can't do much against COVID-19, others are working on it, but we can work on our anxieties.

Solo Build It!

I use the word "therapy" because SBI! helped me feel I was doing something worthwile and it still does but, in reality, SBI! is a "roadmap to online business success" and a good one.

Solo Build It! "is an all-in-one system of process/information, tools, updating and guidance that enables people to build online businesses at unprecedented rates and levels of success.

The 10-DAY BIG Picture
The concept of "10 DAYS and C->T->P->M uncovered

Dr. Ken Evoy is the Founder of SiteSell Inc. the creator of Solo Build It! (SBI!), and, an interesting coincidence, also a real doctor. His most important, most interesting and must successful tool is called the "Solo Build It! Action Guide".


A Guide that can be watched or read or listened to, whatever suits your learning style. A Solo Build It! Action Guide about how to build, how to market and how to grow a successful online e-business strategy. 

I can't copy and paste the Action Guide, it's a Club and you need to become a member, but I can share my  goals, my intention, my ideas as well as my trials and my errors.

If you are curious about the following series of 10 and if you ever become interested in becoming a SBIer, simply subscribe and simply profit from a powerful Action Guide and e business strategy along with a very bright, very interesting and very entertaining SBI! community.

E Business Strategy Implementation

I find it very difficult to concentrate and I suppose it is the same for many if not all of us but, keeping busy and doing something we like is one good way of forgetting about COVID-19 for at least a few minutes at a time. 

In short the SBI! Action Guide is a "roadmap to online business success" as well as a "proven business-building process known as Content -> Traffic -> PREsell -> Monetize".

A roadmap divided into 10 days, or months, or years, it's up to you, to me and to all those interested.

Montreal Kits was and still is a genuine company properly registered with the Régistraire des entreprises du Québec. It is also a non profit-making company yet, thanks to COVID but, I have no worries since SBI! definitely works.

So, let's see what I did wrong or, better still, let's see what I skipped and how this Montreal Kits series already online could be improved and monetized. 

Montreal BLOG Kit

E Business Strategy by Rachel Louise Barry


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