Montreal Kits DAY 5

 Montreal Kits Day 5 is sort of delayed, a lot because the anxiety that comes with the COVID-19 crisis has a tendency to catch up with me on a regular basis. If you are anxious I highly recommend you contact many if not all those you love and trust. 

 That said, this page is suppose to be about Montreal Kits Day 5 but, I'm not entirely finished with Day 4 yet. According to SBI! "a site should only target ONE specific ideal visitor" a target audience that needs to be well-defined, neither too tight nor too broad and one that, ideally, I belong to.

550x366Horacio Arruda, director of National Public Health, François Legault, Quebec Premier and Daniele McCann, Quebec Health Minister

 In my thesis entitled "Jumelages Montréal" I quote Mayor Denis Coderre (2013-2017) when he said to La Presse "Montréal a une position géopolitique importante, c'est une ville européenne dans un contexte nord-américain, et il est nécessaire de redéfinir toutes les notions de jumelage entre les grandes villes."

 François Legault, our Quebec prime minister urges consumers to buy local online as businesses remain closed due to COVID-19. A recommendation I definitely and highly approve during and after COVID-19 and then forever but... importers and exporters also have an important role to play in our local economy.

Your DAY 5 with SBI!

 "It is important that we redefine all pairing notions between major cities" said Mayor Denis Coderre in French above. Why not do this in collaboration with import and export businesses and with companies that facilitate trades of goods and commodities between domestic and foreign companies.

 Companies such as passenger transport, tour operators, retail, restaurants, finance, utilities, media, e-commerce, information technology, aerospace, freight transport, sporting equipment, toys, arts, engineering firms, natural resources, pharmaceutical, personal care... Exporters and importers who need to find ways to minimize the risks associated with COVID-19.

Solo Build It!

Solo Build It! Results

 Montreal Kits DAY 4 ends with a fundamental task. DAY 4 ends with a detailed portrait of "my ideal visitor." I spent hours working on a clear image and concise description of the person who will like my content about Montreal and Montrealers, who will find useful the information I supply and who will trust the solutions I offer.

 Of course, I will learn more when I start interacting with real people on social media but, in the meantime, here's my first thumbnail. "My ideal visitor likes to search the web for reliable information and data, is curious about Montreal and Montrealers and appreciates interesting and useful content from a knowledgeable point of view." 

550x413Valérie Plante - Montreal Mayor

DIY DAY 5 as in Do It Yourself

 Now it's time to work on Montreal Kits DAY 5 and to review the "personality" of the Montreal Kits website. What did I do right and what did I do wrong? According to SBI! Solo Build It! the personality of a website is related to its site design or "look and feel", its content and its positioning. Personality is it's best advantage.

 The "look" is related to the design in terms of colors, shapes, layout and typefaces and the "feel" is related to dynamic elements such as buttons, boxes and menus. The text and the imagery must be personal and unique and the positioning is about the Valuable PREselling Proposition (VPP) within the specific requirements of a particular market sector.

550x433Justin Trudeau - Canada Premier

Refine Site Concept & Register Domain Name

 Montreal Kits domain name has been registered quite a while ago and is still proper so, let's end this Montreal Kits DAY 5 with "tailoring the right personality of my thumbnail visitor, focusing on serving that person totally." 

  • Montreal Kits thumbnail is, men and women aged 30-70 interested in Montreal for many different reasons. They already live in Montreal or plan to visit or move to the City of Montreal or to any other city of the Island of Montreal. 
  • The site design is colorful, with an emphasis on the M and on each of the ten Montreal Kit sections.
  • The voice is informational, descriptive and friendly, never distant or impersonal or condescending.

Solo Build It!

Solo Build It!

  • The content is divided into 10 sections, a general Montreal Kits divided into  Business, Global, Island, Professionals, Tourism, Urban and then into Blog, Club and Shopping.
  • The VPP positioning is "explaining and giving as many information, solutions and recommendations about Montreal and Montrealers as possible".
  • The monetization model is suggesting (and selling) Montreal local products and services along with Montreal exports and imports mostly to and from United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, China and Japan."

 If we're not entirely sure, Montreal Kits DAY 5 recommends we loop back to DAY 2 to make sure our Site Concept has the right personality, to DAY 3 to Brainstorm more high-profit keywords or to DAY 4 to review and improve our monetization plan. This is exactly what I am going to do right now.

Montreal Kits DAY 5

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