Montreal Kits DAY 8

 A sort of postponed Montreal Kits Day 8 caused by a "down" moment. This pandemic is terrible and, despite spouse, children, friends, neighbors and/or pet animals we still have, I still have very scary and very lonely moments. Present daily life can definitely be overwhelming sometimes.  

Solo Build It!

 That said, life must go on and so does SBI! Solo Build It! Action Guide with its 10 DAYS, still available and still helpful. Many of you probably know by now that I skipped parts of it. By doing so, I missed valuable information and I am now using the present COVID-19 confinement to catch up properly and accurately.

Your Day 8 With SBI!

 Building an e-business is serious business so, let's keep doing this the right way. DAY 8 sort of starts with providing "backup responses" that, according to SBI! Solo Build It! Action Guide, are responses that deliver free benefits to our visitors. 

 Montreal Kits Day 8 suggests that we plan in advance at least three Backup Responses to add to our site. So, after having read that part about backup responses I figured I could start with mini blogs, newsletters and free e-books about Montreal and Montrealers.


 As a whole, people prefer to do business with people they like. A fact that may also mean that, ultimately, visitors who like Montreal Kits will also be interested in our email newsletters, our social media and our RSS. Us as in Montreal Kits and its soon to be recruited powerful team. Right after this pandemic is over.

DIY Day 8

 First, I need to collect email addresses and then, I need to publish a newsletter to promote my content. I just had an idea, why don't you "dear visitor" go to Keep-in-Touch to subscribe and to tell me about the kind of information you would like to receive regarding Montreal and Montrealers.

Solo Build It!

 It could be a series of say, "How To" hire a professional in a system where our professional orders aim at protecting the public and where our professional associations aim at protecting their members.

 It could be any kind of "How To" series especially if the information is obtainable and legible. I would love to know about your "How To" preferences and I do look forward to hearing from you.

Develop Relationships - Deepen PREselling

 Back to Montreal Kit e-Business 8 and to getting socially active and involved in a day-to-day participation on social media sites. Active social is time-consuming but doing the minimum, that is one or two posts every day do yield dividends.

 DAY 8 is about building relationships, friendly, asking-nothing relationship type. Contacts and relations that each play a vital part in building and developing a business. Conversations and connections that deepen the trust and the credibility of a quality site such as SBI! Solo Build It! and Montreal Kits.

Montreal Kits DAY 8

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