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 Montreal Kits service guide as in social network analysis and social network marketing. Services such as creating your online visibility, gaining online visibility, improving your online visibility or, telling you more about online local advertising and about creating amazing stories.

Facts of the Day


 Every day starts with three very important Facts of the Day in the life of Montreal Kits. Facts to determine what is important, that is, providing you, our visitors, with excellent content followed by what needs to be done now and what should be done next. 

Social Networks


 Montreal Kits is about Montreal and Montrealers and Montreal Kits Social Network Analysis is about analyzing social media trends, creating a Montreal Kits social media presence, writing social media stories and getting social network results.


 Popular Social Network Marketing with goals such as 1) brand awareness 2) more traffic 3) new leads 4) more sales 5) brand perception 6) loyalty and 7) recommendations. Campaigns to build different communities and to exchange with many visitors. 

Online Visibility


 Creating Online Visibility with Montreal Kits to Improve your popularity, your traffic, your revenues in collaboration while making your words sell and with the 60,000 or so companies established on the Island of Montreal.


 Gaining Online Visibility and popularity of your professional skills, your knowledge, your talent, your expertise and experience. Visibility of the products and services offered by your SME, your corporation, your association, your retail business..


 Improving Online Visibility needs that we first create your personalized web page content and add your images and your contact information. Then we introduce you to our visitors in our e-newsletters and we keep talking about you in our social medias.

Local Advertising


 Essentially and basically, Online Local Advertising that works is done with content that over delivers and that creates interest and holds attention. High-value, relevant content about a particular sector such as Montreal and Montrealers.

Amazing Stories


 Writing is not easy and, writing Your Amazing Stories is even harder so... let's start at the beginning. The most effective stories evoke deep emotions. What moves you will most probably move most if not all our readers. 

Montreal KITS - Online Visibility

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