Facts of the Day
in the Life of Montreal Kits

Every day starts with three very important "facts of the day" in the life of Montreal Kits. Facts that often determine what is important and what needs to be done now.


Every day of every week since it easily becomes an addiction. What is our Montreal Kits Alexa Traffic Rank in the world, in Canada and how many sites are Linking In?

Our primary goal is to provide you, our visitors, with excellent content but, we definitely need to know what is our SBI! daily number of visits, visitors and visited pages as well as our monthly total visits, total visitors and total visited pages.

What are the Google, Bing and Yahoo! ranks of each of our SBI! content pages and, are there any >30 pages that could or should be improved or changed completely?

Facts of the Day #1
Alexa Traffic Rank

Basically, the Alexa ranking system makes public the number of visits on all websites. A fast and easy way to to check our rank on a daily basis.


An Alexa ranking system based on two main parameters, reach and page views. Reach refers to the number of Alexa users who visit our site in one day and page views refers to the number of times each of our pages are viewed by Alexa users.

An easy to get ranking system, one that records traffic from users who also installed the Alexa app and there are many.

All you have to do is go to alexa.com to download and install the Alexa toolbar. The three first results that appear are your global Alexa Traffic Rank, your Alexa Traffic Rank in your home country and the number of sites linking in your site. Alexa also offers a free Search Analytics section with interesting and useful information.

Facts of the Day #2
Solo Build It! Traffic Statistics

SBI! for Solo Build It! is the very effective "machine" behind Montreal Kits as well as behind many other successful SBI! websites. 

A "machine" or, more precisely, an "all-in-1 package of a step-by-step process, software tools, comprehensive guidance, 24/7 support" that enables solopreneurs such as Montreal Kits build a profitable e-business. 

It definitely takes traffic to build income and it takes traffic stats to dermine the strength of a site. Warm and willing to buy traffic that generates income from our growing Montreal Kits e-business.

Traffic statistics on a per-month basis that reports the average number of visits, visitors and pages viewed per day and per month. Visits, visitors and pages that each have their specific meaning and utility in terms of popularity.


Visits is the average number of visits to our site per day and the total per month. Visitors is the average number of unique visitors who visit our site per day and the total per month. Pages viewed is the number of all the pages viewed by all our visitors during all their visits per day and per month.

By comparing our monthly data we, the creator of Montreal Kits, are able to see a steady growth in our overall traffic. In order to do so, we need to constantly create serious and interesting traffic-building content. Creating content is definitely and certainly our primary and most important never ending job.

Facts of the Day #3
Solo Build It! Search Engine HQ

The SBI! Search Engine HQ also tells us how Montreal Kits is doing with Google, Yahoo! and Bing, the three most important search engines that account for over 95% of all web searches.

Spiders may take weeks or months even to visit our site and index our pages so, we need to be patient and we need to keep building new content, the most important part of any site. Without high-value content that interests our visitors, few will stay on our site for long and fewer will tell others about it.

First we have to make sure that search engines rank our site highly for its content and for its many relevant keywords. Then we need links to our site from quality websites such as yours. As our site matures our reputation grows and, as a result, Montreal Kits becomes the pride recipient of more and more links from a wide range of quality sites.

Montreal KITS
Facts of the Day by Rachel Louise Barry