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Creating online visibility in collaboration with Solo Build It! and with the 60,000 or so companies established on the Island of Montreal,

Service #1 - Web Page Design

Your personalized Images, logo and contact information on a page already online to introduce you and your company.

Service #2 - Web Content & Web Design

A personalized web page content and web design with your unique story and your personal and unique images and contact information.

Service #3 - Social Media Campaigns

Personalized and appealing series of social media stories with relevant content to reach your goals, one at a time, along with a clear call to action in a casual and friendly voice.

Service #4 - e-Newsletters that Work

Informative, educational and friendly e-newsletters that work based on a a pre-determined target audience, a specific purpose and lots of interesting news and stories.  

Service #5 - Audio Visual Solutions

Interesting and realistic audiovisuals to clarify the benefits your company offers and to create interest and excitement. The better we transmit your message, the better your products and services are seen as evident and obvious solutions.

Service #6 - Profitable Online Store

Handling and shipping included in the selling price done by you, Drop shipping done by us, along with accurate product descriptions, clear navigation and easy checkout.


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Sponsors and Sponsorship

The TAO of the CTPM - Ken Evoy

The Content ->Traffic -> PREselling -> Monetization process is simple, natural, and powerful. Its success rate is staggering.

Make Your Content PREsell - Ken Evoy

Building a business is all about building relationships. Understand this simple but critical concept. and the rest will fall smoothly into place. Get ready for a "radical" concept that very few online small-business people understand.

Make Your Words Sell - Joe Robson & Ken Evoy

MYWS! shows you copy writing techniques and concepts that do/do not work on the Web, and fully explains why! It reveals a method of writing your web copy for your specific product, aimed at your specific customers.

Make Your Store Sell - Ken Evoy

The Web, when properly used, is the ultimate niche marketing-and-selling vehicle. The possibilities of what to sell on the Net are limited only by your ability to either. make products of value or, source interesting products.

Make Your Price Sell - Ken Evoy

Your competitor is a mere click away and you have to get the price right the first time and there are very few second chances. Pricing is risky and is one of the most important marketing decisions you will make.

1-2-3 Action Guide - Ken Evoy

Store Build It! doesn’t leave you out in the cold, fending for yourself. Together, Site Build It! (SBI!) and Store Build It! take your business to new heights, far beyond that attainable by any typical standalone store solution.

Creating Montreal Kits online visibility to improve your popularity, your traffic, your revenues, your well-being, your happiness, your spare time ...

Creating Online Visibility
Solo Build It! - The Process, the Tools, the Guidance, the Support

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