Rosemont La Petite-Patrie Borough

 Rosemont La Petite-Patrie borough is home to the Jardin Botanique officially called Space for Life, the Parc Maisonneuve, the Village Olympique, the Golf Municipal de Montréal and the Club de Golf du Village Olympique. It is also where the Piccola Italia - the Little Italy is located. 

Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie Urban Daily

 Rosemont was once a Village while the name La Petite Patrie comes from a novel written by Claude Jasmin in 1972 followed by a TV series that both describe life in the neighborhood.


 The Piccola Italia in La Petite-Patrie is a large Italian community where several chefs have settled and where they renewed the Italian cuisine.

 A Little Italy that also offers the popular Marché Jean-Talon, a four seasons public market where fresh fruits and vegetables as well as organic and local products are always available.


 In Rosemont, several highly popular shopping streets such as the Promenade Masson and the Beaubien and Bélanger Streets help promote local shopping and improve the quality of life of the residents. 

 Local businessess that offer a wide variety of local products and services to residents, workers and visitors. Businesses that bring life and vitality to the neighborhood and information and socialization to the community.

Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie Economic Equilibrium

 Located near the Mile-End, the Little Italy and the Jean-Talon market, the Marconi-Alexandra business sector is known for its creative industries and its SMEs.


 A business sector with a strong industrial past now highly involved in Innovation and Sustainable Development and alternative solutions. 

 The main business sectors located in the Marconi-Alexandra Park are manufacturing, retail trade, professional, scientific and technical services as well as information and communications technology.

 Creative sectors such as advertising, architecture, art, crafts, design, fashion, film, music, performing arts, publishing, R&D, software, toys and games, TV and radio, and video games are also present and a neighborhood more dynamic economically now than it ever was before. 


 The Petite-Italie and its cafes, trattorias and delicatessens as well as  its sporting and cultural events.

 The Plaza Saint-Hubert and its many, many stores and boutiques, the Marché Jean-Talon with its local, ethical and ecological offers. La Promenade Masson with its many retail stores.

 Le P'tit Beaubien with its variety of local shops. Beaubien Est best known for its neighborhood cinema and its Molson Park. Rue Bélanger that brings together different ethnic and local businesses and, Avenue Papineau with its restaurants, hardware stores and places of worship.

Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie Urban Gardens

 The Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie borough is a green neighborhood with no major problems regarding heat islands. Apart from the area near the railway, the whole neighborhood is doing better than others. 


 An air quality most certainly linked to the large number of parks and a borough adorned with new street furniture such as benches of local ash, swings and a carousel. 

 Vegetable bins have appeared as well as chickens and small gardens on many of the local streets. A Rosemont La Petite-Patrie borough with nine community gardens and nine great opportunities to relax and meet people and, a borough with a garden adapted to the life cycle of monarchs at the corner of Laurier Avenue and Pie-IX Boulevard.

 A river pebble basin, several butterfly shelters, an ash wood palisade and numerous specifically chosen plants now welcome these marvelous migrants along with many other pollinating insects.

Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie Public Transport Services

 The seniors in the Rosemont area can profit from a "Navette Or", a 254 bus line designed especially for them.

 The Navette Or Rosemont offers many convenient stops such as cinemas, CLSC, grocery stores, hospitals, librairies, retirement homes, shopping centers, the Beaubien metro station, the Montreal Botanical Garden and a few others.


 The service is temporarily suspended until the end of 2020 but, in normal times, the Navette Or is offered in nine neighborhoods.

 Also available in the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie borough as well as all over the Island of Montreal is "active transportation" as in "using your own power to get from one place to another". 

 Active transportation such as walking, jogging, running, biking, roller blading or, such as skating, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, along with an opportunity to stay physically active and healthy all over the year. 

 Practical and recreational active transportation that helps reduce road congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, that saves money on gas and parking and that produces a large variety of health benefits, public and personal.

Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie Urban Geography

 The Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie borough is a centrally located, densely built borough of the City of Montréal. The urban heat island (UHI) effect - a phenomenon where the ambient temperature in an urban area is hotter than that of the surrounding areas - is present in many parts of the borough.

 For your information, UHIs occur where there is minimal vegetation and a high percentage of dark surfaces such as tar roofs, asphalt roads and parking lots. Air temperature that can be significantly different from one street to another, based on the amount of vegetation and asphalt. 

 Planting trees, shrubs and climbing plants, creating new open and green spaces, installing green and reflective roofs, using light-colored paving materials for roads, sidewalks, parking lots and driveways are some of the general measures that reduce the effect of Urban Heal Island.

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Rosemont La Petite-Patrie Borough

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