Montreal Urban Characteristics

 Montreal urban characteristics and Urban Kit with content and images associated with each of our Montreal Kits. Kits about how we do Business, how our Island and municipal administration is organized, how our Professionals obtain or lose their right to practice.

 A Kit about the Global activities we managed to negotiate, about our Tourist attractions you haven't found yet, about our made in Montreal Shopping Kit, about who wants to become a member of our Club and, about a Blog where to share ideas and expertise.

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 A Kit about our Montreal Urban vision and about building a network of cities and citizens throughout the world. A world travel culture with all kinds of interesting relationships with online users and social media subscribers such as you, our visitors from all over the world.

Montreal Urban Exploration

 One of our most important objective with our Montreal urban exploration is to describe, illustrate and share the many aspects that characterize Montreal and Montrealers.

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 Let's just say that a kit is a set of "things" and that each of our Montréal Kits is a set of facts and clues about Montreal and Montrealers, Montreal being the largest city in the province of Quebec set on the St-Lawrence River once called the "River that Walks" by aboriginal peoples.

 Montrealers who are surrounded by two rivers, the St-Lawrence River and the Prairie River and who must constantly choose between expansion and conservation, population and preservation, creations and demolitions. Rivers and river banks that must not be polluted and that must constantly be supervised and protected.

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Montreal Urban Geography

 What we also wish to do is supply each and everyone of you with the information you require, the descriptions you'd like to find, the solutions you are looking for and the knowledge you wish to acquire.

 We also wish to promote a deeper knowledge and a finer understanding of everything related to Montreal as in urban space and urban area, to Montrealers, to our Island and to its various features, numerous aspects and various characteristics.

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 We wish to supply you with coherent and reliable information and we look forward to an interesting exchange of information regarding the peculiarities, the flaws and the oddities of our city and citizens. 

Montreal Urban Mobility

 Facts and evidence about our surroundings, our characteristics, our lifestyles, our strengths, our weaknesses. Information about the way we are organized and about the way we are disorganized along with climate change and global warming.

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 Our issues with rush hours, traffic congestion, automobile dependency, parking difficulties and significant carbon emissions. Activities that pollute our environment and that affect the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the soil in which we grow our food.

 That's what we mean by urban city life but ... we can't do anything about the weather, or about our rush hours except suggest that both our municipal and provincial governments improve our public transport. Then again, we definitely can exchange on air pollution and climate change issues.

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Montreal Urban City Life

 A series of Montreal urban visions and city life with new entries posted on a regular basis, with frequent updates and tools that enable you to post your comments, voice your concerns, ask questions, or link or share our contents. 

 Simply go with the flow, one post at a time and tell us about what you like or dislike about Montreal and Montrealers. Use our Keep In Touch form and subscribe to our Newsletter and E-Zine so we can share your comments and persuade others to share their thoughts.

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Montreal Urban Characteristics

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