Work From Home Employment

 Work from home employment with advantages for some, disadvantages for others and a prognosis that says "the longer people are required to work from home, the more they will get used to it". 

 Among the disadvantages, starting one project first thing in the morning, bouncing to another without having finished the first for various reasons, ending the day without having accomplished much and feeling bad about it all.

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 As for advantages, some are monetary and include financial savings on transportation, eating out, child care and dry cleaning while others are personal and include quality time with loved ones.

How to Work from Home

 Act as a student and prepare as a teacher - learn from other successful home-based workers and practice what is working for them while still researching what works for you.

 Avoid home distractions -  never underestimate the gravitational pull of a fridge or of a comfy bed.

 Avoid multitasking - focus on your assignment and accomplish a rightful amount of tasks every day.

 Be computer savvy - learn how to use various software, how to update programs and how to keep your computer running smoothly.

 Communicate your work schedule - make your office hours known to your friends and family, and make sure they respect your working hours.

 Conduct business during traditional hours - make your phone calls during normal business hours and keep administrative work for after-hours.

 Do not discuss your personal life - it might be tempting to discuss anything  personal with business colleagues, but make sure all your work-related conversations are professional.

 Do not handle personal tasks - make sure you stay focused on the best and proper use of your time during your working hours. 

 Do not skimp on equipment - if your company provides the equipment, make sure they give you everything you need to properly conduct your business.

 Get organized - create filing systems, schedules, to-do lists.

 Get out of the house - take your work to your local coffee shop where there is WiFi and where you can create some kind of a business community.

 Have a specific work space - designate a specific place for a home office and store all work-related files, materials and supplies.

IImprove your communication skills - make sure you are able to convey what you mean, clearly and concisely.

 Keep your supplies within reach - store your supplies near where you will use them.

 Limit the number of times you check your e-mails - it is important to stay connected and spending too much time on e-mails might distract you from more important tasks.

 Maintain a healthy lifestyle - schedule time for regular exercise, keep healthy snacks around the house and drink a lot of water.

 Plan your day - minimize your distractions and maximize your true productive times.

 Schedule face time - suggest weekly or monthly meetings with your boss and/or your team. 

 Set office hours - create a time slot for each of your daily activities. 

 Set up a friendly environment - Skype or Zoom calls are regular so make sure your workspace looks professional and pleasant.

 Stay connected - make sure you are readily available via e-mail, phone, text message or conference call.

 Take breaks - allow yourself time to get up and stretch. 

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Welcome to Work at Home Employment

 Year in and year out, the demand for work at home or for work from home has been constantly increasing for many different reasons including more autonomy for employees and more flexibility for employers.

 Work from home as in a permanent situation and, a work at home as in a temporary situation. For employees, on the one hand, better concentration and better quality of life, on the other, feeling disconnected and lonely mostly because of reduced support and lack of mentor-ship.

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 For employers, on the one hand, reduced stress about an increased demand for work at home by employees, on the other, a results management system based on the quality of the services and the accountability of the employees.

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Work from Home Employment

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