Work at Home Employment

 During the last few years, work at home employment, work from home employment have become some kind of "new normal" in Montreal and in the rest of the world it seems. 

 An "employment at home" based on tools such as a computer, a reliable internet connection, an email address, a telephone, video conferencing and, the benefits and the challenges of flexible work. 

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e-Work Jobs Online

 The demand for flexibility in where and how people work has been increasing during the last few years, more so since COVID-19 and its contagious and deadly consequences.

 So is the increasing demand for integrated work at home strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize environmental outcomes such as pollution and global warming

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 What is new is the COVID-19 pandemic and what is not so new is the growing need to create work from home environments that enable efficiency and effectiveness as well as success and wellness.

Work Remotely From Home

 Remote employment work are tasks done outside a corporate environment based on the notion that online work does not need to be done in a specific place to be properly executed. 

 Remote work done by remote employees who work outside a corporate environment instead of commuting every day to an office and to a predetermined desk and chair. 

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 At least two days per week of remote work will probably remain prevalent after the COVID-19 crisis, especially in high-tech offices but not so much in health care, manufacturing and retail.

Home Based Work

 The demand for e-work at home employment has been increasing over the years, and so is a request for flexibility in where and how people work.

 Yet, the biggest fear associated with remote work was and still is trust. Managers do have to learn that employees can do more with less office space and that what matters are results, not supervision.

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 As for sustainability the fact is, there is no easier, quicker, and cheaper way to reduce our carbon footprint except reducing our commuter travel. 

e-Work at Home Employment

 Maintaining balance is one if not THE most difficult aspect of a work at home job, mostly because work is right there, staring at us all day long.

 The basic rule is to get organized, first by creating a "home office" where our electronic devices, our files and our supplies are not too close to a fridge, a TV or a bed. A specific space where everything we need to conduct our business is properly organized.

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 Also important is to plan our day in such a way that our productive time is maximized and our distractions are minimized. We need to create filing systems, schedules and to-do lists.

 We also need to acquire a practical knowledge of many if not all the electronic devices we are using and learn how to navigate our way around technical issues and concerns. 

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Home Base Business Work

 It is important that we schedule our home base business work, set our office hours and make sure others, customers, co-workers, family, friends know about our work-time, lunch-time and play-time. 

 We need to exercise mostly because exercises have a beneficial effect on stress and anxiety. We need to take care of our body and our mind and we need to stretch and improve the elasticity of our muscles

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 We also need to take a break, get up from our computer, go for a walk, profit from the surroundings, buy a carton of low fat milk and come back in a relaxed and productive mood.

Computer Work From Home

 It is important that we stay connected and that we schedule conference calls and face time with our boss and our team. We need to be vocal about our activities and our achievements.

 The good news is, because of an increasing interest in work at home employment, we are seeing a difference in climate change.

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 By driving less, by reducing our commuter travel, our traffic and our congestion, we are reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our sustainability.

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Work at Home Employment

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