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I highly recommend Solo Build It! SBI! took me all the way from an idea to a successful business called Montreal Kits, thanks to its 24/7 serious, genuine, positive and unmatched business building system and to each and every effective tools, courses and support it offers. RLB

What Day Is It?

Almost three years of confinement, along with four vaccines (3rd and 4th are half doses), followed by a new normal accompanied, unfortunately, by a control freak, self proclaimed, unqualified condo administrator on an highly unsettling "me, myself and I" power trip.

As for real work, real knowledge and real responsibilities, my role is to properly administer a company specialized in visibility, my goal is to work with companies owned by indigenous people, my task is to create a vast array of promoting tools and services and my objective is to constantly increase the popularity and the visibility of each and everyone of them.

I definitely need to be fully prepared as in having full command of each and every optimizing tools available, along with a clear view of "what's in it for me?" me being each and every highly successful indigenous companies and partners. 

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Montreal URBAN Kit
What Day Is It? by Rachel Louise Barry

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