Ville-Marie Major Attractions

Ville-Marie major attractions such as the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, the Vieux-Port, the Quartier International - Palais des congrès, the Golden Square Mile, the Basilique Notre-Dame, the Village Gai, the Biosphère, the Musée des Beaux-Arts, the Quartier Latin, the Old Montreal, the Concordia University, the Red Light District, the Quartier Chinois and the Quartier International.

550x367Ville-Marie Borough - Jacques-Cartier Bridge - Photographer Unknown

More than 375 years ago, in 1642, Montréal was founded under the name Ville-Marie in honor of the Virgin Mary by a pious ex-soldier named Paul de Chomedey, sieur de Maisonneuve, just thirty years old, and by an equally devout nurse named Jeanne Mance, five years his senior.

Their mission was to establish a Catholic missionary community on what is now the island of Montréal and to call it Ville-Marie, after the Virgin Mary. A mission followed by a permanent state of war between colonists and Iroquois. 

Fur trade soon created conflicts between traders, explorers and Indigenous people. The long-lasting peace was established in 1701 only with the conclusion of a major treaty called La Grande Paix, between the French, the Iroquois and more than 30 other Indigenous groups.

550x391Arrondissement Ville-Marie - Vieux-Port - Tour de l'Horloge - Photographer Unknown
550x413Arrondissement Ville-Marie - Quartier International - Palais des Congrès - Photographer Unknown
550x413Ville-Marie Borough - Golden Square Mile - George Stephen House, the man most responsible for the success of the Canadian Pacific Railway - Photographer Unknown
550x413Arrondissement Ville-Marie - Basilique Notre-Dame - Photographer Unknown
550x413Arrondissement Ville-Marie - Village Gai - Photographer Unknown
550x413Arrondissement Ville-Marie / Ile Sainte-Hélène - Biosphère - Photographer Unknown
550x413Arrondissement Montréal - Musée des Beaux-Arts - Photographer Unknown
550x724Arrondissement Ville-Marie - Quartier Latin - Photographer Unknown
550x733Ville-Marie Borough - Old Montreal - Photographer Unknown
550x733Ville Marie Borough - Concordia University - Engineering Building - Photographer Unknown
550x733Arrondissement Ville-Marie - Red Light District - Photographer Unknown
550x733Arrondissement Ville-Marie - Quartier Chinois - Photographer Unknown
550x734Arrondissement Ville-Marie - Quartier International - Centre CDP - Photographer Unknown

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Ville-Marie Major Attractions

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