Verdun Electoral Profile

The borough of Verdun electoral profile, as well as all the other Election Montreal electoral profiles are divided into a specific number of districts based on the electoral geography of the borough.

Each of our 19 boroughs and each of their respective socio-economic characteristics and electoral districts are divided in such a way that each district has a similar number of electoral total members.

Verdun Electoral Profile & Map

Verdun two (2) electoral districts

  1. Champlain-Île-des-Soeurs
  2. Desmarchais-Crawford and a total of 49,567 electors in 2017

On our next municipal election day, local residents will vote for

  • the mayor of the City of Montreal

and for the seven (7) members of the Borough Council

  • the mayor and city Councillor of the borough
  • one (1) city Councillor for each of the two (2) electoral districts
  • two (2) borough Councillors for each of the two (2) electoral districts
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Verdun Electoral Profile & the City of Montreal Master Plan

The Master Plan of the City of Montreal is the responsibility of the City Council. A  Master Plan to introduce its vision regarding the urban development and enhancement of our City and boroughs. A Master Plan with issues such as transportation, protection of natural areas and environmental improvements. 

A Bicycle Friendly City...

... and a Plan that calls for the creation of a bikeway link across Downtown Montreal, for the completion of the Route Verte, for the addtion of a new north-south link and for the creation of bicycle parking facilities near metro and commuter train stations.

550x367Verdun - Habiter Montréal

A City at a Human Scale...

... a Master Plan and pedestrians who need safe and more pleasant residential streets and areas.  A City where renovation and creation of public spaces, wider sidewalks, more trees, better street lighting and appropriate street furniture need to be implemented.

A City of High Architectural Quality...

... where new buildings must be better integrated in their surrounding environment, where large-size retail projects need o be reviewed, where an enhanced lighting plan needs to be implemented and where the contribution of modern buildings and archaeological heritage must be recognized. 

550x367Verdun - Habiter Montréal

Downtown Montreal...

... and a Master Plan that gives high priority to the development of an area where most of our economic activities take place. Downtown Montreal is at the center of all our public transportation and is where our Central Business District with all its office related activities is located. 

A Healthy Environment...

... and a City that intends to preserve its natural heritage and maintain a healthy environment. A Master Plan that calls for the conservation and improvement of natural areas such as woods, shorelines and wetlands and for their integration in urban development.. 

550x367Verdun - Habiter Montréal

A Liveable City...

... where the quality of the living environments is a municipal priority. A Plan that intends to increase employment near densely populated areas, convert old industrial areas that are more compatible with residential areas and diminish nuisances such as traffic noise, dust and unpleasant odours. 

Structuring and Efficient Public Transportation...

... and preferential measures such as reserved lanes, real-estate development near metro and commuter train stations as well as public transportation corridors.

550x471Verdun - Habiter Montréal

The Mount Royal...

... located at the heart of the City is a prominent landmark and symbol. As such, the Plan intends to preserve and improve this unique asset by protecting its architectural and natural heritage and by ensuring its prominence in the Montreal skyline.

Water as a Unifying Feature...

... because of the St. Lawrence River, the Riviere-des-Prairies and all the other waterways that surround our City and Island. A waterside roadway to encircle the Island of Montreal, Ile des Soeurs and Ile Bizard, to its unique character and to make sure its environmental assets are properly integrated.

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Verdun Electoral Profile by Rachel Louise Barry


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