Various Types of Restaurants

 Various types of restaurants or, more precisely, various types of fast food restaurants with, at the top of our list, those that serve fast food such as:

  • bagels with lots of cream cheese,
  • all dressed hamburgers with tomato, pickle, lettuce, mayo, mustard and onions,
  • poutines with french fries, cheese curds and brown gravy,
  • smoked meat kosher-style deli meat on rye bread and,
  • all dressed steamed hot dogs with mustard, chopped onion, relish and coleslaw.
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Chinese Restaurants

 In China, modern Chinese cuisine refers to two schools called "Four Schools" based on two sets of four cooking traditions. Four schools, one city and seven provinces that each produce an incredible variety of Chinese foods based on herbs, noodles, rice, seasonings, soybeans, vegetables and wheat.

 In Montreal, popular Chinese restaurants serve Sichuan and Hunan dishes such as poached fish filet in hot chili soup and eggplant or minced pork with hot garlic sauce. Also popular are beef broth soup, dan dan noodles, spicy cucumber and edamame salads.

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French Restaurants

 Montreal culinary scene has been defined as French cuisine probably since and because the New France. Montreal was then too small to act as an important internal market but people did come to Montreal to sell their goods such as eggs, chickens, and vegetables.

 Various types of restaurants and of French cuisine that has grown since and French restaurants that now offer blood sausage, chicken liver mousse, homemade foie gras, rossini-style filet mignon, seafood platters, sweetmeats...

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Greek Restaurants

 Greek cuisine with similar characteristics to Mediterranean cuisines based on wheat, olive oil and wine. A cuisine also based on grains, vegetables and fish as well as on beef, goat, lamb, pork, poultry, veal and rabbit. 

 At first in Montreal, there were only one or two grocers that carried Greek products but, it was not sufficient to meet the increasing demand. As a result, Greek markets improved their offer and moved to larger spaces.

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Indian Restaurants

 India is a strange mixture of 29 states and 7 union territories with popular dishes filled with spices and aromas such as Dal Makhani, Shahi Paneer and Naan in North India and Dosa, Idli and Sambhar in South India.  

 In the early 1900s, the comfort food of India came from the northern Punjab and then, in the 1960s a more vegetable Indian cuisine from southern India became known and popular. This is when Indian grocery stores started to flourish in Montreal local restaurants. 

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Italian Restaurants

 Mediterranean, Italian and traditional cuisine that uses ingredients such as fish, meat, tomatoes, a large variety of pasta and pecorino cheese, a hard, salty Italian cheese made with sheep milk.

 The Italian population in Montreal is the second after Toronto and the high number of local Italian restaurants such as pizzerias as well as pasticcerias, antipasti and dolci does make a lot of sense. 

 Everybody knows what a pizzeria is, a pasticceria is where pastries and cakes are sold, antipasti plural are the traditional first course of an Italian meal and dolci plural are Italian desserts.

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Japanese Restaurants

 A Japanese cuisine based on combining steamed white rice or gohan with one more okazu or main and side dishes, accompanied by a clear or miso soup and by tsukemono or pickles.

 Many of our Montreal Japanese restaurants are popular a lot because of their sushi. Traditional sushi that are not raw fish, traditional sushi are vinegar rice mixed with a bit of sugar and salt and with other ingredients such as cooked or raw fish.

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Mexican Restaurants

 Mexican cuisine based on corn as well as on beans and chili peppers. Corn is consumed as tortillas, tortillas are used to make tacos and quesadillas while avocado, tomatoes and rice appear in many if not all Mexican dishes.

 Typical Mexican breakfasts in some of our Montreal local restaurants and a cuisine that focuses on the most amazing tacos as well as on great tapas, great nachos and great guacamole. 

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Quebecois Restaurants

 Québec is home to many unique dishes, its most famous being poutines, tourtières, pâté chinois, pea soups, fèves au lard, cretons as well as desserts such as grands-pères au sirop d'érable, pouding chômeur and the "tire Sainte Catherine le jour de la Fête de Sainte-Catherine le 25 novembre de chaque année" - "tire" as in taffy.

 Bagels are made by hand, simmered in honey water and baked in a wood-fire burning oven. Poutine is a dish of about at least 1,000 calories of french fries and cheese curds topped with a brown gravy.

 Pâté chinois is a French Canadian dish of ground beef, corn and mashed potatoes. Smoked meat, mustard and rye bread is a kosher-style deli and, our favorite hot dogs are steamed or toasted and all dressed. 

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Various Types of Restaurants

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