Town of Dorval Island

The very small Town of Dorval Island was incorporated in 1915, was merged with the City of Montreal in 2002 and became part of the Agglomeration of Montreal in 2006.

250x130Town of Dorval Island

The Dorval Island is one kilometre long and half a kilometre wide.

The Island sits in the Lac Saint-Louis, a fluvial lake at the junction of the St-Lawrence and the Ottawa Rivers.

The Town and the Island is surrounded by the City of Dorval. The Town and Island lies a short distance offshore from the City of Dorval and is connected to the Island of Montreal with a ferry service.

In the Town of Dorval Island, the roads are not paved, the 58 or so cottages open every Spring, close every Fall and the whole community makes sure the natural beauty of the Island is always and forever safeguarded and protected.

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