Successful People Have Skills

 Successful people have skills, talents and abilities that enable them, that help them succeed. Skills as in training and practice, talents as in natural aptitudes and abilities as in proper knowledge. Skills are assets, skills are strengths, skills are what we know and what do easily and effortlessly.

 Success begins with a state of mind. We must be willing to work hard and never take no for an answer. We need a dream, we need a plan and we need specific knowledge and training. You, me, all our associates, all our co-workers, all our customers need to believe in success in order to succeed.

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 Combined skills, talents and training that enable organizations to grow, prosper and succeed. Strengths as in skills, talents and training we personally don't have and a person or a group of persons with those exact skills, talents and training. Persons who gradually become our teammates, colleagues, co-workers, professional advisors and friends.

Successful People Make Decisions

 When successful people make a mistake, they admit it, fix it and move on. They don't waste time, energy and money to defend a bad decision or a mistake. They don't get offensive or angry when others keep reminding them. Instead, they admit it, repair whatever needs to be repaired and take pride in their frankness.

 Successful people think about issues and relevant facts, give each of those facts adequate consideration and then make a decision. Decisions that should never be put off or delayed. Successful people spend enough time thinking and planning but, when their decision doesn't bring the expected results, they simply change course and look for another solution.

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Successful People Have Dreams

 Successful people have specific goals and well-defined ambitions. They know what they want, they have ideas, they are not easily influenced and they have willpower and pride. They go out, do things and their strong goals bring strong results.

 It only takes a logical, reasonable idea to achieve success. People who excel in life are those who know how to achieve the best possible results, not those who do things halfway and then criticize, blame the others and give up.

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 Successful people have ambitions. Successful people have enthusiasm, commitment, and self-discipline. They have a burning desire to succeed, they know that hard work always brings interesting results and, they are willing to work hard and get the job done.

Successful People Cooperate

 Successful people are self-reliant. They have skills, talents, training and knowledge. They know what needs to be done to be successful and, when they need information, knowledge, skills or talents they don't have, they find someone who has them.

 Successful people work and cooperate with other people. They have positive and outgoing personalities. They surround themselves with people who offer support and encouragement and they are leaders. Successful people are enthusiastic, they are excited by what they do and that excitement is contagious. People want to work with them, do business with them, be with them.

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Successful People are Motivated

 Successful people take responsibility for their actions. They don't make excuses or blame others and they don't whine or complain. Successful people look for solutions and, when they see opportunities, they take advantage of them.

 Successful people get things done using their skills, talents, energies and knowledge. They do what needs to be done, not just what they like to do. They work hard, they get the job done and they find happiness in their success.

 Successful people take great satisfaction in their accomplishments. They concentrate on their goals and focus on their vision and feasible outcomes. They avoid distractions, they are productive and not just busy, they work on the projects that are important and never let any of those projects sit until the last minute.

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Successful People Have Skills

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