Romantic Hotels and Restaurants

 Montreal romantic hotels and restaurants as in "one if not the most romantic cities in the world". Montrealers and visitors who appreciate and profit from the beauty of our parks whatever the season, who enjoy our downtown areas and nightlife options and who take great pleasure in being romantic and in showing their love for someone. 

 That said, what makes a hotel romantic? Is it the decor, the luxury, the package, the restaurant, the suite? We all have different ideas when it comes to anything romantic, preferences that may include "a morning with a view to a garden and a suite with a fireplace, kitchenette, full breakfast and access to a hot tub, a pool or a sauna".

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Small Romantic Hotels

 Montreal small romantic hotels such as independently own boutique hotels with 10 or more rooms and pleasant escapes to intimate and romantic moments and surprises all over the city.

 A romantic hotel and a perfect lovers gateway with candles, chocolate covered strawberries, flowers, lingerie, massage oil, relaxing bath salts, a lace robe and ... anything and everything you wish to bring in an overnight bag.

 Small hotels that celebrate our local touch by reflecting our heritage and by incorporating our art, our values and our colors. Themed hotels that, from colors, to decor, to services, surround the entire guest experience based on a particular theme such as romance. 

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Romantic Hotel Packages

 A package rate in the hospitality industry is the rate of a room and of the goods and services it offers. The most common being the all-inclusive package with meals, drinks and evening entertainment shows.

 Romantic hotel packages with everything and anything that makes you enjoy love and romance. A specific market niche, authentic ambience, quiet elegance, distinctive features, cosy facilities along with multiple wedding packages, elegant wedding receptions and a long list of romantic hotel package rates and offers. 

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Romantic Hotels and Restaurants

 Romantic restaurants should be intimate and the food should be, could be aphrodisiac for an even more romantic moment. Foods such as almonds, asparagus, basil and oysters although, "anything you think is an aphrodisiac can easily become an aphrodisiac". 

 A nice and subtle combination of light, music, food, wine, service and energy and a very pleasant, very romantic evening. A table that changes into an island, a couple in total privacy and a cheerful, loving and affectionate dinner for two.  

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Romantic Hotels and Restaurants

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