Richard Dulude on Jolicoeur Street

 Richard Dulude on Jolicoeur Street in memory of Dick Richard Dulude, United Kingdom who once sent me the nicest, most pleasant, most touching message.

550x399Jolicoeur Street - Sud-Ouest Borough - Photo RLB
550x405Jolicoeur Street - Sud-Ouest Borough - Photo RLB

 Hi Rachel, this is probably not the right site to leave a message. I am one of the few (I suppose) remaining people that "started" Jolicoeur Street.

 My name is Richard Dulude, I was born and lived at 1510. The family moved in there shortly after the war. My mother was an English war bride. I have two sisters. We moved in shortly after the houses were made available.

 We attended the local schools and church, swam in the aqueduct in the summer, and skated on it in the winter. It was not an easy life but it had its good times.

 Sadly in 1953 with the sudden death of my father Paul, we had to return to England. I had the wonderful and moving experience last year of being able to revisit the road, to see the house still standing and walk across the bridge once more. In 1953, there was no station, little industry and not so many wires on poles but it still looks almost the same.

 Thank You!

 "Dick" Richard Dulude - United Kingdom

550x408Jolicoeur Street - Sud-Ouest Borough - Photo RLB
550x420Jolicoeur Street - Sud-Ouest Borough - Photo RLB

 Thank you Dick Richard Dulude from all my heart. I hope and I wish that, wherever you are, you are happy with your family, your friends and your neighbors.

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Richard Dulude on Jolicoeur Street

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