Professional Thank You Notes

Professional thank you notes as in simple and polite ways to strengthen a business relation, to stand out and to be remembered.

Good manners often coincide with wise business practices and the classic thank you notes are the perfect example of such instance.

Business thank you notes may be written on a flat card or on a fold-over card printed with you name, you company name and logo or both. A flat card for a man, a flat card or fold over card for a woman. Why? I don't know! I don't think it's important.

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Thank You Notes

Send the note as soon as possible, within the next 24 hours since waiting too long almost negates the purpose.

Address the receiver as Dear Mr or Dear Ms rather than Bobby and Cathy and start by thanking him or her for the occasion you are writing and thanking about.  

Go on and mention something specific about how the encounter has helped you or how you enjoyed the event. 

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Thank You Notes Wording

Promote your professional image through personalized attention, make sure all the names are spelled correctly and end with "Yours sincerely" when writing to someone you do not know well or with "Many thanks" when it is appropriate.

Be sincere and make it clear how much you appreciated his or her time and effort. You may wish to explicitly state your desire to continue business with the recipient and this can be achieved by simply saying "I look forward to hearing from you".

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Thank You e-Notes

Emails have become the number one form of business communication, but a recent survey found that emails often cause tension or confusion among working professionals. 

If you want your emails to be polite and effective, proper business manners suggest you keep your message clear and brief. Make good use of subject lines, proofread and do not over communicate.

Emails are, by nature brief and informal but, everyone agrees that it is better to send or receive a thank you note in any form then no thank you at all. 

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Thank You Cards or Notes

If your main source of communication with the person you are thanking is email, then business lunch or dinner invitation sent by email followed by an email business thank you note sent within the next 24 hours are both acceptable and proper.

If business questions came up during lunch or dinner and during the time you spent with your customer, it is a good thing to follow up as soon as possible. When you are confident with your thank you note, send it immediately. A good and proper follow up routine is a great way to distinguish yourself from your competition. 

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Thank You Postcards

A productive goodbye is as important as the ability to build strong relationships during a business lunch. There are many ways to say thank you, but the classic business thank you card with a personal note shows courtesy as well as professionalism and is usually enough.

If you did not get the account, well ... in most if not all types of businesses, it is always important to develop contacts so, you may decide to write a thank you note anyway.

According to experts, proper etiquette is not about being better than anyone else and it is about taking responsibility for proper conduct. Among business people. 79% say that it is very important to write a business thank you note and only 2% say that it is not important.

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Writing Thank You Notes

A verbal thank you before you each go your way is always appropriate even if it did not go as planned or if it did not conclude the way you hoped it would. A verbal thank you to simply thank your guest for having taken the time to have lunch with you. 

A spoken thank you that should be followed by a written email thank you card using proper email etiquette or, much preferably, a business thank you card sent by post.

People love to receive letters or cards instead of many advertising leaflets and e-mails. It can be a simple written thank you note or a comment related to the conversation you both had during your meal. 

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Professional Thank You Notes

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