Part Time Employment Jobs

 Many Montrealers prefer a part time employment jobs for various reasons such as having a family to look after, gradually returning to the workforce, experimenting with various career areas, accepting a part-time job that will eventually become a full-time job ...

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 An outside commitment that may also give structure to a day or a week, that is good for the self-esteem or that provides a sense of community.

 Part time employment is also one good way of developing a close relation with an employment agency and with agents who will get to know you and who will eventually succeed in finding the jobs that best suits your needs and your requirements. 

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Montreal Employment Agencies

 People who seek part time employment can apply through an employment agency where they will be interviewed, where they will pass a series of tests regarding their abilities and their strengths and where they will eventually be offered a part time job.

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 A contract is signed between the employment agency and the part time employee. In most cases, it is the employment agency that pays the salary of the part time employee assigned to work in one of their client companies. 

 Special attention should be paid to any exclusivity clause and to others regarding availability, flexibility, travel expenses and possible penalties if you cannot complete a mandate. In the province of Québec, the Act Respecting Labor Standards protects employees by providing a minimum of acceptable working conditions.

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Part Time Employment Standards

 The main task of a part time employment agency is to arrange the best possible match between the requirements of an employer and those of a candidate. For such a purpose, big agencies are usually better organized than smaller ones.

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 In order to do so, the employment  agency must have a clear picture of the professional skills and expertise of a candidate who, in turn, must be as honest and as transparent as possible regarding his or her requirements and expectations.

 Candidates who, if necessary, could or should continue their search for a part time employment if the employment agency happens to have nothing proper to offer at the time of the interview. 

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Part Time Employment Information

 One of the main advantages of part time employment agencies is that they offer the opportunity to work in different types of industries and companies, to acquire different types of experience, to add value to a resume or a CV and to build or expand a professional network.

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 It also enables part time employees to find out about what potential employers offer to their full time employees in terms of benefits, locations, responsibilities, salaries, working conditions and working facilities.

 One must remember though that working part time is not as rewarding as working full time. For equal work, the working conditions are not always the same and neither are the salaries, partly because employment agencies deduct a percentage for management purposes.  

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Part Time Employment Jobs

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