Office des professions du Quebec

 A series of professional occupations or professions listed under the Office des professions du Quebec - OPQ according to their respective sector of activity.

 A total of 46 Professional Orders to regulate the profession of more than 395,000 members. Orders that are constituted in accordance with Quebec Professional Code and that,on all cases, must meet the requirements of their framework law.

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Professional Orders

 Although the administration of a professional order is self-ruling, the Canadian Government has given them the mandate to regulate and supervise any professional activity that may pose risks to the public.

 Our professional orders are the front-line of our professional system and their main duty is to ensure the protection of the public. As for our Professional Code, its role is to entrust each Professional Order with the responsibility of supervising the exercise of its profession. 

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Roles and Responsibilities

1. Monitor the Competence and Integrity of its Members

 Before admitting a candidate to practice a profession and issuing a license to practice, any professional order must ensure that the aspirant candidate possess the required training and skills.

 The order controls the integrity and conduct of its members by imposing a code of ethics and by having it applied, if necessary, by the syndicate and the disciplinary council.

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2. Monitor the Practice of the Profession

 The role of a professional order is to monitor the practice of a profession among its members by means of a professional inspection committee with the mandate to verify the quality of the professional services.

 The committee can also recommend to the board of directors to impose to any of its member either an internship, a refresher course or the limitation or suspension of the right to practice to any of its members.

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3. Regulate the Exercise of the Profession

 Professional Orders adopt and apply various laws and regulations in accordance with Quebec Professional Code and Professional Laws.

 Codes, laws and regulations intended to govern the practice of each professional order and each profession and to ensure compliance with each of their respective codes, laws and regulations.

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4. Manage the Disciplinary Process

 Each professional order must appoint a trustee responsible for receiving the complaints from the public.

 The trustee initiates the disciplinary process with an investigation and, where and when applicable, he or she files a complaint and presents it to the Disciplinary Board.

 For more information, see the Droits et Recours section.

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5. Promote the Development of the Profession

 A professional order can determine, by regulation, continuing education obligations as a way for members to update their knowledge and to acquire new ones.

 A professional order takes stand in debates that concern the public and participates, when necessary, in government consultations regarding professional procedures.

 And, a professional order designs working instruments to improve the knowledge of its members and publishes informative material for the public.

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6. Illegal Practice of a Profession and of a Title

 A Professional Order can initiate criminal proceedings against a person who is not a member of a Professional Order and who performs an act that only professionals are authorized to perform.

 A Professional Order can also take legal actions against a person  who is illegally using a title under his control and who is making important decisions. 

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7. Produce an Annual Report

 Each Professional Order is required to produce an annual report of its activities. The report becomes public as soon as it is presented to the professional members at the annual General Assembly.

 The Minister responsible for the application of the Professional Laws then files the annual report at the Assemblée nationale.

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 The mission of a Professional Order is to protect the public and to supervise the practice of its members. The public being each and every individual who refer to any of the professional services offered by any professional order and regulated activities.

 As for Professional Associations, their regular and formal activities include learning about the latest trends, attending educational seminars, learning about industries best practices, networking with peers and sharing challenges and opportunities.

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Office des professions du Quebec

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