NAICS and NAFTA Countries

 NAICS and NAFTA Countries. NAICS codes shared by three NAFTA countries. NAICS as in the North American Industry Classification System and NAFTA as in the North American Free Trade Agreement.

 The NAICS classification of the Canadian Industry Statistics provides comparable statistical definitions of the Canadian, American and Mexican economies. The three countries built a common hierarchical structure and statistical framework to classify their mutual business establishments and economic activities. 

 According to Statistic Canada, the classification of statistical data is based on three concepts 1) the statistical unit or unit of observation 2) the scope or range of the classification 3) the criteria on which standard categories are built.

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North American INDUSTRY Classification System

 The North American INDUSTRY Classification System Canada (NAICS) 2017, version 2.0 is the latest industry classification system developed by the three NAFTA countries and statistical agencies. A classification that includes business NAICS, manufacturing NAICS and professional services NAICS.

North American PRODUCT Classification System

 The North American PRODUCT Classification System (NAPCS) 2017, version 2.0 is a product and service classification system also developed by the national statistical agencies of the three NAFTA countries. 

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 According to Statistic Canada, the NAPCS Canada is a classification system based on two of the three concepts, 1) the statistical unit and 2) the scope of the classification.

 A classification of products (goods and services) that includes statistics on the value of exports and imports and on the value of industry production and consumption by type of product. A classification that also includes industrial product price indices.

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North American Industry Classification System

 According to NAICS Statistics Canada: "the economic transactors for which NAICS is designed are businesses and other organizations engaged in the production of goods and services".

 Under their respective codes NAICS basis, goods producing industries are classified under the primary and secondary economic activities, while services producing industries are classified under the tertiary economic activities. 

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NAICS and Business Activity

 The NAICS list of codes is an hierarchical structure and classification of all the economic activities of the three countries. A classification divided into sectors and categories that further distinguish the economic activities in which each industry is engaged.

 Five 2-digit sectors in the goods producing industries and fifteen 2-digit sectors in the services producing industries, followed by sub-sectors, industry groups, industries and, for the time being, one Canadian industry.

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North American Product Classification System

 The NAPCS list of codes is an hierarchical structure and classification of all goods and services, divided into four levels (group, class, subclass and details) with a different number of categories within each level.

  • 3-digit GROUPS for analytical purposes,
  • 5-digit CLASSES for current and constant dollar statistics,
  • 6-digit SUBCLASSES for price  index,
  • 7-digit DETAILS for more precision. 

 According to Statistics Canada: "the NAPCS is a classification that organises goods and services throughout the economy in a systematic fashion. In short, the NAPCS is a departmental standard classification for goods and services."

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NAICS and NAPCS Countries

 Both NAPCS and NAICS codes are classification systems based on units of observation and measurement for which and from which data is collected.

 Both the INDUSTRY codes NAICS basis and the PRODUCT codes NAPCS basis can be analysed, studied and compared to the industry and product data of Canada, United States and Mexico.

 Both codes NAICS basis and NAPCS listings enable and facilitate  research on industries and economic activities, analysis of goods and services and comparisons between industries and products. 

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NAICS and NAFTA Countries

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