Montreal Winter Photos 3

Many years ago, my father told me a "secret" shared by many business men (now called business people) about a specific part of the Sherbrooke Street East. 

A part of Sherbrooke street that, many years ago, was lined with many fancy restaurants similar to the two here new or still around, I didn't check. 

The secret was, on Sherbrooke Street East, many of these business men invited their mistress for lunch and their wife for dinner, never the other way around.

Some kind of an unspoken rule in some kind of a men's club. 

Sherbrooke Street East was then completely unknown to me but, this is how it looks now, with the TIKI being the last remnant of another day and age.

My father, my mother and I were together in the kitchen when this conversation took place.

My conclusion was and still is, my father did invite customers for lunch in what was then a popular area, but he did not have a mistress. As for the conversation my father and mother may have had, I was no longer around...

An area that is now being replaced by a rather large and rather fancy apartment building similar to the one already located on Sherbrooke corner of Assomption. 

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Montreal Winter Photos 3 by Rachel Louise Barry

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