Montreal Urban Information

 If you're looking for Montreal Urban information such as "tipping in restaurants" you will find it in our section called Montreal Tourism Kit or, if it is "employment agencies" that interest you, our section called Montreal Business Kit is where we hope you will find the information you require. 

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 All you have to do is select the Montreal Kit that corresponds to your needs and requirements and refer to it whenever necessary. New pages are created on a regular basis and, if you are curious about "anything" do ask via our K.I.T. Keep in Touch! Contact Us! page. We love to hear from you and to keep in touch with you.

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An Amazing and not so Amazing City

 Montreal is a busy city, so are Montrealers and our goal is to supply you with a complete set of Montreal each with many different pages about our surroundings, our facilities, our neighborhoods ... 

 Many Kits and many different Kits pages about Montreal and Montrealers and about the many services offered by each and every boroughs and cities located on the Island of Montreal, all 16 of them.

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Montreal Local Services

 Services such as public transport, green urban areas, public libraries, commercial streets,  a botanical garden, a cemetery ... yes, a cemetery.

This is pandemic time and the cemetery closed by called Le Repos Saint-François d'Assise along with our botanical garden called Space for Life are both perfect for very long and very peaceful walks. Perfect moments  that, in my case, last something like two hours.

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Montreal Local Sectors

 Behind our Montreal statistics and 58 sectors lies a city, a population and a daily life with advantages, flaws and idiosyncrasies. Advantages as in a world-class culture, flaws as in too much racism and discrimination and idiosyncrasies as in two solitudes (*).

 (*) "Two Solitudes, by Hugh MacLennan (Toronto, New York and Des Moines, 1945), is a novel whose title has become emblematic of Canada's most troubling legacy: the relations between English and French Canadians". Source: The Canadian Encyclopedia.

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Montreal Local Web Pages

 Montreal Kits home pages, web pages and sitemaps done in English mostly and in French sometimes. French being the official language of the province of Quebec and English and French being the two official languages of Canada.

 Montreal is and has always been a bilingual city, since the capitulation of Montreal to the British in 1760 actually. A simple linguistic reality considering that something like 59% of all Montrealers speak French and English, 27% speak French only, 12% speak English only and 2% speak neither French or English. 

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Montreal Local Restaurants

 You like to enjoy a happy dinner with you family and friends but didn't find the right restaurant or, better yet, the right type of restaurants or, your boss asked you to organize the annual office party and you don't know where to start.

 Others are looking for discount family vacations because it's summer and school is out while others still are looking for a full time job because they are unemployed or because they are looking for THE career job opportunity that will suit many if not all their requirements.

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 Come back anytime you wish or, send us an email using our Keep in Touch! Contact Us! form if we still have not supply you with the information you require on any particular subject.

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