Montreal Stay at Home 3

 A Montreal Stay at home 3 with recent updates regarding COVID-19 and government sites you may wish to visit on a regular basis.

 For the latest news, the latest information and the latest recommendations.  

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 As of today, March 25th, and until April 13th, 2020, the Quebec Government has ordered the minimization of what has been studied and treated as non-priority services and activities. Businesses that, otherwise, are free to engage in teleworking and in e-commerce.

 According to Quebec Premier François Legault, to his team and to this Montreal Kits stay at home 3, what is essential and what can stay open are: 

  • Teachers working online, 
  • Infrastructure maintenance, 
  • Sanitation, 
  • Manufacturers of food and medical supplies, 
  • Hotels, 
  • Movers, 
  • Restaurants offering takeout only, 
  • Banking, 
  • Public transportation,
  • Alcohol and cannabis stores (to avoid all kinds of exaggerations and criminal activities).
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 Place des Festivals is located in the Quartier des Spectacles in Downtown Montreal. Place des Festivals is where a drive-thru clinic opened on Monday, March 23rd and where it attracted thousands of people the very first day it opened.

 On its very first day, the clinic drew more than 3,600 individuals seeking COVID-19 testing, 2,172 were tested. Among them, 1,486 individuals did not meet the common symptoms for testing, that is fever, tiredness and dry cough and, they were turned away and back to stay at home 3. 

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 To be eligible for testing at this particular clinic, individuals must have traveled outside the country since March 1st, must have had symptoms during the last 14 days or, must have come into contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19.

 Stay at home 3 or not, I find it very, very difficult to concentrate. I listen to "Ici Radio Canada Première", a French network that broadcasts news and information all day long. 'Ici Radio Canada Première" being the French counterpart of "CBC Radio One".  

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 Relatives and friends are OK, but... anything can happen. COVID-19 is a very scary, very stressing "coronavirus". There are so many Montrealers in so many difficult situations including the worst, being alone, being sick and not having enough money.

 Our city, our province and our country are very aware, very present, very helpful, but there is a lot to do, mostly because COVID-19 is contagious, dangerous and deadly for some. Everybody MUST respect ALL the rules.

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 That said, this "stay at home 3" is the last about COVID-19. From now on it will be about SBI! and about Montreal Kits ... and a bit about COVID-19, I can't ignore it completely, at least not yet.

 I wrote about the coronavirus because I needed to know more about  the situation and I am now sharing some of my findings with you.

 We're in good hands, both Premiers, Justin Trudeau (Canada) and François Legault (Québec) have our confidence and our respect. What we have to do now is to follow the rules, each and everyone of them and make sure we stay in good health.

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 I keep busy. I already obtained a Bachelor Degree from HEC - Hautes Études Commerciales and a Master Degree in Public Administration from ENAP - École nationale d'administration publique. 

 The subject of my master's thesis was "Jumelages entre Montréal et autres grandes villes et métropoles à travers le monde". A subject that is also, in some ways, related to the present series of Montreal Kits. 

II am now working on three (3) series of courses related to our Montreal Municipal Democracy, our National Assembly of Quebec, our Canada Parliament and, I look forward to going back to teaching.

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Montreal Stay at Home 3

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