Montreal-Nord Electoral Profile

The borough of Montreal-Nord electoral profile, as well as all the other Election Montreal electoral profiles are divided into a specific number of districts based on the electoral geography of the borough.

Each of our 19 boroughs and each of their respective socio-economic characteristics and electoral districts are divided in such a way that each district has a similar number of electoral total members.

Montreal-Nord Electoral Map

Montreal-Nord two (2) electoral districts

  1. Marie-Clarac
  2. Ovide-Clermont and a total of 54,210 electors in 2017

On our next municipal election day, local residents will vote for

  • The mayor of the City of Montreal

and for the five (5) members of the Borough Council

  • the mayor and city Councillor of the borough
  • one (1) city Councillor for each of the two (2) electoral districts
  • one (1) borough Councillor for each of the two (2) electoral district

Montreal-Nord Electoral Profile -
Montreal Master Plan - Synthesis of Goals and Objectives

1. High-Quality, Diversified and Complete Living Environments

  • Improve the quality of existing living environments
  • Encourage the construction of 60,000 to 75,000 housing units

2. Structuring, Efficient Transportation Networks Fully Integrated Into The Urban Fabric

  • Consolidate and develop Montréal’s territory in relation to existing and planned transportation networks
  • Confirm the strategic function of freight transportation through the consolidation of existing infrastructure

3. A Prestigious, Convivial and Inhabited Centre

  • Enhance the Centre’s metropolitan, national and international vocation
  • Increase the Centre’s residential vitality
  • Strengthen the Centre’s coherence and overall urban character

4. Dynamic, Accessible and Diversified Employment Areas

  • Consolidate employment areas by attracting dynamic firms and improving transportation links
  • Diversify and reinforce activities at the Centre’s periphery in order to support the more intensive use of existing infrastructure
  • Promote the development of major institutional employment areas while ensuring their integration with the urban fabric 2.5 High-quality architecture and urban landscapes

5. High-Quality Architecture and Urban Landscapes

  • Enhance Mount Royal, the island character and other major features of the City’s identity
  • Promote quality architecture and consolidate the built environment in harmony with the surrounding character
  • Upgrade the public realm through coherent design of streets and other public spaces
  • Ensure the positive contribution of large transportation infrastructure to the urban landscape

6. An Enhanced Built, Archaeological and Natural Heritage

  • Preserve and enhance the built and archaeological heritage
  • Preserve and enhance the natural heritage

7. A Healthy Environment

  • Ensure the optimal management of resources in an urban context
  • Mitigate the nuisances caused by urban activities
  • Control development in areas with environmental constraints

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Montreal-Nord Electoral Profile by Rachel Louise Barry


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