Montreal-Nord Borough

The Montreal-Nord borough is bordered to the north by the Riviere-des-Prairies where most of the banks are accessible all year round.

Montreal-Nord is where residents can enjoy beautiful bike paths and two large nature parks, Parc nature de l'Île-de-la-Visitation with its amazing views of the river and Parc nature du Ruisseau-de-Montigny with its many different animal species.

Montreal-Nord Urban Daily

The borough is one that promotes social diversity through the establishment of condominiums, social housing, retirement homes and rental properties.


A borough and a community that, not so long ago, had to fight poverty and social exclusion. An innocent young man died during a police intervention and then the borough went through an important social and economic development and major advancement.


The Sauvé Community Center on Éthier Avenue with its five bright and spacious multi-purpose rooms surrounded by the Sauvé Park with its vast landscaping, a parking lot, a paddling pool and several sports areas for playing tennis,  baseball and pétanque, a ball sport that belongs to the boules family.

The Primeau Community Center on Pelletier Avenue features three multipurpose rooms as well as storage spaces. The Center is surrounded by the Primeau Park with its swimming pool, paddling pool, soccer field, a children playground and a bocce court, a sport that also belongs to the boules family.

Vélo Écolo

Le Carignan Community Center on P.-M.-Favier Avenue offers four multipurpose rooms as well as storage spaces. The Center is surrounded by Le Carignan Park with its wading pool, basketball courts, a refrigerated outdoor skating rink, a children playground and a bocce court.

Finally, the St-Lawrence Community Center on Salk Avenue offers two multipurpose rooms and two changing rooms, one for the swimming pool and one for the soccer field. The Center is surrounded by the St-Lawrence Park with its synthetic soccer field, its wading pool and outdoor swimming pool, two basketball courts, four tennis courts and a children playground.

Montreal-Nord Economic Equilibrium

The "Consultation publique sur l’avenir du secteur manufacturier à Montréal" prepared by the Montreal-Nord borough stipulates that everything must be done to 1) safeguard and redevelop employment zones, 2) support the development of innovative manufacturers and 3) promote business creation as well as talent attraction and retention.


The borough is home to two large employment zones, one along the Industrial Boulevard and one along the Albert-Hudon Boulevards where rents are interesting and where most of the local businesses and job offerings are located.

A large variety of commercial and industrial activities close to major highways such as Route 125 Pie IX, the Metropolitan Expressway 40, the Louis-H-Lafontaine Expressway 25 and to the Pie-IX Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project, a high-performance public transit service integrated into the reconstruction and upgrade of Pie-IX Boulevard, between the eastern areas of Laval and Montréal.

Montreal-Nord Urban Gardens

The Montreal-Nord borough is home to an amazing number of community gardens. More than one hundred gardens are available with a priority given to the residents of the borough and then to the residents of other Montreal boroughs.


Community gardens that are located inside the Oscar Park on St-Michel Boulevard and inside the Tardif Park on Tardif Street.

Gardening is one of the most interesting and most rewarding outdoor activity easily accessible and economically affordable to people of all ages. Residents only need to provide a proof of residence and pay a small fee for membership and for gardener committee.

Montreal-Nord Public Transport Services

Montreal North is served by the normal services offered by the STM, the Société de Transport de Montréal as well as by four express buses on four different lines.

  • Line 467 Express Saint-Michel to the metro stations Saint-Michel on the Blue Line and Joliette on the Green Line;
  • Line 469 Express Henri-Bourassa to the Henri-Bourassa metro station on the Orange Line;
  • Line 432 Express Lacordaire to the Cadillac metro station on the Green Line;
  • Line 439 express Pie-IX to the Pie-IX metro station on the Green Line.

Then there is Communauto with its vehicles at the exclusive disposal of its members with access to a fleet of over a thousand cars that can be rented at low cost for a half-hour, an hour, a day or longer.

In the Montreal-Nord borough, there are three stations where cars are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One station on Fleury Street East, one corner of Saint-Julien Avenue and De Charleroi Street and one corner of Saint-Michel Boulevard and Fleury Street. 

Montreal-Nord Urban Geography

Skateboarding is a popular summer sport favored by young people. In the Montreal-Nord borough and for security reasons, the activity is authorized in one park only, that is in the Henri-Bourassa Park on Pascal Street where no reservations are required but where the helmet is highly recommended.

Then, during the winter season, all those interested are invited to use the bike path along the Riviere-des-Prairies, to trace their own trails and to practice their cross-country skiing or their snowshoeing with or without ski poles.

Two sports that can be practiced every day, from sunrise to sunset from the Ste-Gertrude Boulevard to the Pie IX Boulevard and from de Bruxelles Avenue to the limits of the borough, that is to the St-Michel Boulevard.

It is however important to know and to remember that, in the Ile-de-la-Visitation Nature Park, snowshoeing enthusiasts can practice and enjoy their favorite sport as long as they stay on the footpaths and nowhere else.

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Montreal-Nord Borough by Rachel Louise Barry