Montreal Municipal Structure

Montreal Municipal Structure along with The Services offered by the City of Montreal that seem to be different / modified after each municipal election.

  • Borough Councils
  • Executive Management
  • Organizations and Councils
  • Town Hall and Elected Officials

Central Departments

  • Ecological Transition and Resilience
  • Fight Against Racism and Systemic Discrimination
  • Finances
  • Fire Safety Service
  • Fixed Assets Projects and Programs
  • General Controller
  • Government and Municipal Relations
  • Human Resources
  • International Relations
  • Legal Affairs
  • Police Department
  • Urban Innovation Laboratory

Executive Management

  • Controller
  • Finances
  • Fire Safety
  • Government and Municipal Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Police 
  • Racism and Systemic Discrimination
  • Urban Innovation

Citizen Services

  • Boroughs
  • Communications
  • Information Technology

Institutional Services

  • Fixed Assets Programs and Projects
  • International Relations
  • Organizational Performance
  • Property Assessment
  • Property Management and Planning
  • Registry Service
  • Rolling Materiel and Workshops
  • Supplies

Mobility and Attractiveness

  • Mount-Royal, Large Parks and Sports
  • Road Networks
  • Town Planning and Mobility
  • Water Services

Quality of Life

  • Culture
  • Ecological Transition and Resilience
  • Economic Development
  • Environment
  • Housing
  • Social Diversity and Inclusion
  • Space for Life Museum - Botanical Garden

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Montreal Municipal Structure

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