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According to the "Image Library" supplied by SBI! I am proud to say that Montreal Kits now owns something like 3,500 photos I personally took using my CANON Power Shot A570 IS.

And, this is without mentioning pictures from various sources I can use when and only when they come with information such as the date it was created, the author, the file name, the content, the theme or any other information.

Plus, the following is the reason why you never see people in any of my pictures:

LE DROIT À L'IMAGE - Your Right to Control Photos and Videos of Yourself

In a landmark 1996 decision, the Quebec Court of Appeal concluded that the very act of publishing a picture of someone without their consent could justify compensation – even if there was nothing inherently wrong or intimate about the pictures at issue.

This case involved a photographer who had published a photograph of a woman without her consent, while she was in a public place.

The Supreme Court of Canada confirmed the Court of Appeal decision, and concluded that this aspect of privacy, known as the right to one’s image (“le droit à l’image”), is specifically protected under Quebec law.

P.S. Let's just say as an example that I'm not going to run after all the kids in a park to ask each and every one of them if I can take their picture with or without their mothers' and/or fathers' permission.

Montreal Kits Image Library

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