Montreal Kits Diary 2

A Montreal Kits Diary 2 and a conversation with one of my two co-owners that ended up being "business as usual". We don't get along, never did and never will, One is a control freak and the other is a champion in criticism and misanthropy. As for me, I'm definitely a pain in the ass but, as Carmine Warschaw said in 1965 "don't get mad ... just get even" and, as John F. Kennedy said in 1975 "don't get mad, get even".

Before you buy do meet your potential co-owners and do make sure you like what you see and what you get. Needless to say I didn't and I should've. The key is "are we going to get along - Yes or No" That said, we all learn from our mistakes and I'm no exception.

What's in it for me? a potential customer once asked me and I thought it was pretty smart.  So, what's in it for the companies owned by members of the First Nations I intend to contact, to serve and to assist. My specialty is web visibility. Specialty? Visibility? Assistance? A long list of services and promises I definitely intend to keep.

550x737Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

I'm glad I bought 4 finches and a rather large cage. I like having them around even if the seem to get mad at each other every now and then. Probably because they're somewhat territorial.

As far as the web is concerned, basic visibility is a lot about having a website and constantly creating new pages, posting on social media, sending newsletters, adding a forum, answering questions. CONSTANTLY You stop, you loose visitors, visibility, popularity, interaction, information, customers, sales. Plus, you eventually become obsolete and out of date, with or without a Montreal Kits Diary 2.

As for the reason why I chose members of the First Nations as sponsors. I chose them because their teachings emphasize bravery, honesty, humility, love, respect, truth and wisdom. Values I never noticed in my co-owners and never profit from this condo building and association.

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Montreal Kits Diary 2

I've had it, I'm fed up being sad, being scared, being lonely and being unproductive. Next Monday, at my usual 6 in the morning I'll  finally be able to go back to my gym every second days of the week as I've been doing for years plus, I need to promote my work.

What disturbed me most, what still disturbs me regarding our ex-administrator, condo association is the fact that "she doesn't talk" as confirmed by one of the three lawyers she hired, Why three? One every year for reasons she didn't share. She doesn't talk, she controls but she doesn't talk. She's weird, she's creepy, she's scary and I look so much forward to never have to see her and to deal with her ever again.

Ex as in she might have sold her condo, ex as in she might have moved out, ex as in who is the new owner. I never had, I repeat I never had to deal with such a bizarre person. She turns her head when she sees me, she controls but never collaborates and she's self-centered as in solely concerned by her own needs, her own desires and her own interests.

550x744Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

Then again, thinking about her, talking about her, writing about her won't fix anything. I need to put an end to her idiosyncrasies and I need to take care of myself. Life still offers very pleasant moments to each and everyone of us and that's what's important. Montreal Kits Diary 2 is what is important.

As already mentioned, I contacted an ex boyfriend, not directly as I no longer have is contact information but by way of two of his customers. One no longer had any, the other didn't answer but they may or may not have forwarded my email. I continued my research but I can't be sure I found the right person and gave up. I would have liked to keep him as a friend but, it didn't work. He's part of my past, the COVID is part of my present and being a business woman again is part of my future.

550x733Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

I have a long list of to do's and procrastination is now definitely forbidden. It's not easy to decide what should come first. Earning money is one if not my most important task, followed by getting in touch with potential sponsors, making an offer they can't refuse and creating as much visibility as I can for each and everyone of them.

A long time ago I decided that my Montreal Kits would be, should be occupied by members of the First Nations mostly because they were here first and partly because some of their values and beliefs are highly interesting. My next important task will be to convince some of those companies to become sponsors and, together, to build a highly interesting, highly informative and highly popular Montreal Kits.

I'm positive regarding my collaboration with interesting sponsors as well as the fact that my lover of the past could very well become my friend of today. I'd like that but we'll see. In the meantime I've got work to do and a Montreal Kits Diary 2 to write.

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P.S. I need to share this NOW! Earlier today I saw one of my co-owners shoveling snow and, on a whim, I went out and talked to her. We, the three of us, three women, have been in bad terms for as long as I have been living here. We don't talk to each other, partly because of the Covid but mostly because we each have negative emotions and opinions about each other.

Our conversation didn't last long, we didn't fix anything and it was more like accusing the other of whatever we once did or say or didn't do or didn't say. Not al all constructive but ... it enabled me to identify the main reason why it all went wrong.

Our Association didn't give priority to collaboration as in "working with someone else in order to create or produce something", A successful collaboration and a Montreal Kits Diary 2 as in "recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of each co-owner" and as in "listening to the concerns of each co-owner".

Will I do something about this eventually? Probably not. My wish is to get the hell out of here ASAP and forever. Living here is no longer my destiny, I've learned what I needed to learn here, in this condo with these people and it's now time for me to get the hell out of here and to learn more pleasant "things". 

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Montreal Kits Diary 2

I hope it is a good morning for you, mine is not, at least not yet. My condo co-owner sold her condo, it took her 21 or 22 days and she will be leaving soon. She's leaving but her bullying and her control freak attitude continues to hurt. The whole world has been "attacked" by a dangerous virus and her only concern was to get a hold of me.  

I hate to say it but, according to an article I just found on the web, we could be similar, we could both be perfectionists. I hate to say this, I really do but ... "Perfectionists tend to achieve less and stress more than regular high achievers. Being a perfectionist makes it more challenging to be perfect and to reach a personal best."

Interesting. What is my personal best? My personal best is to attract as many visitors as possible, thanks to highly interesting information supplied by members of the First Nations, the Inuit and the Métis living in Montreal. It's no longer about the City of Montreal only, it's about the Indigenous Peoples living on the Island of Montreal. A Montreal Kits Diary 2 and a very challenging task.

550x411Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

As for being bullied, I found "Are other people constantly making you feel sad, unhappy, worried, stressed or frightened on a regular basis? Then they may be bullying you.
Bullying happens when someone hurts or scares another person on purpose and the person being bullied has a hard time defending themselves".

Regarding bullying, we are definitely not similar. I may be a pain in the neck sometimes or most of the time but I'm definitely not a bully. She is a bully and I'm not. What I am though, what I do is, I procrastinate a lot and I know exactly why, a lack of self-confidence. As for being a perfectionist, yes but only to a certain degree ... Yes! No! Not sure!

What I definitely don't have, at least not yet, is enough self-confidence as in knowing my strengths and my weaknesses, having a positive view of myself, accepting and trusting myself and, having a sense of control of my life.

A lack of self-confidence that, up to now, has been the only reason why I kept creating new pages without never getting in touch with potential sponsors. New pages such as this Montreal Kits Diary 2 to release whatever needs to released.

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The sad truth is, I'm the one who chose to buy and to move here, I'm the one who met my two co-owners but who didn't check if we were going to get along. My point is, I knew unconsciously, that I needed to be here because I needed to learn something, understand something about myself and I did. This is what this part of Montreal Kits Diary 2 is all about.

My father was a bully, our administrator was and still a bully and I finally had the courage to say "c'est-assez". I will never tolerate any kind of bullying again and I will never let anyone frighten me, scare the hell out of me and threaten me instead of simply talking to me and listening to me.

P.S. I like my little finches, I really do. I like having them around. They're cute and they seem to be happy and comfortable.

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Montreal Kits Diary 2

It's one o'clock in the morning, 1:26 AM to be exact and I'm starting to feel better and to start leaving behind the so cold, so unprofessional, so mean attitude of our condo ex-administrator. Ex as in she sold her condo but I don't know if she moved out yet and who bought her condo.

When I bought here, I needed her approbation but the rules are now according to her requirements. Honestly, I've never met and never had to deal with such a fucked up (excuse my language) person. It is so, so disturbing. Condo Legal is very much against untrained, unprofessional and unqualified control freak administrators and I definitely intend to do something about it after I'm gone.

Last evening, during another burst of depression, I looked for the contact information of an ex lover. We met many years ago, we liked each other but he was already with the someone he's still with today. I re-contacted him a few years ago, we still liked each other and had breakfast together sometimes but ... the COVID separated us again.

550x413Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

I never had many friends but there were always people around, people such as co-workers, customers, local store owners, employees, professionals such as the accountant who looks after my income tax reports, my doctor, my dentist, the regulars at the gym ... It's different now and I need to move, I need to make new friends and I need to stop being lonely and depressed because a long list of "stressful life events".

I just googled "how to bring good vibes into my house" and found "add colors, apply a fresh coat of paint,  de-clutter, focus on natural sunlight, hang artwork, incorporate house plants and flowers, invite nature in, open the windows". Easy, and I'll do it but first I sell my condo, second I buy a little house and third, I report my highly unqualified administrator.

Highly unqualified, this is rare, even in a personal Montreal Kits Diary 2 as this one. Except for a few not so serious incidents, we seldom have to deal with unqualified people nowadays. Nobody wants to deal with a person who doesn't have the proper knowledge, the proper qualifications, the proper respect except self claimed administrators.

550x743Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

As already mentioned in French and now in Google Translate:

Intimidation and harassment: the court sanctions co-owners.

In a recent Superior Court ruling, the court issued a “protection order” against harassing, threatening or intimidating co-owners in a condo. It is essentially a civil order to keep the peace, but with the difference that it is only for the benefit of specific people.

Differences of opinion between the various co-owners and directors of a co-ownership are not uncommon. They can be beneficial if done with respect. However, they must not turn into areas of harassment and intimidation.

When some abuse their power, by making vexatious remarks, by damaging the credibility and reputation of others, any interested party is entitled to request the intervention of the Tribunal.

It's now 3:55 AM and I'm going back to sleep. Thanks for being around. It will soon be all over. I will soon put up my condo for sale, buy a nice little house, get the hell out of here, make new friends and be happy again as already mentioned many times in this Montreal Kits Diary 2.

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Montreal Kits Diary 2

As of this Montreal Kits Diary 2, I didn't go to the gym this morning either. I will, I definitely will, especially since I must return to my early morning gym routine, My emotional and physical well being highly depends on it. Plus, two friendly members are probably wondering why I'm not back yet plus, I definitely appreciate their friendship.

I still have nightmares, I still cry and I'm still scared, thanks to a condo building now, more than ever filled with bad vibes. It's not only me, it's the three of us. None of us wanted all this to happen but each and everyone of us, created it, is responsible for it.

Bad attitudes, poor management and lack of teamwork as in "the collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way". I no longer want to live here and, the future could very well be a new and rewarding experience.

550x701Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

Stop talking and start being constructive you're probably thinking. Yes. I wrote to an ex-lover yesterday, as a friend, not as a lover, that part is over but friendship would be nice. I've been scared, I've been depressed, I've been lonely but I do look forward to spending time with him, if he calls that is. One step at a time, if he doesn't call, well ... I have a long list of "things to do" before I can move from here so ...

I bought this condo many, many years ago and it's now worth something like 3 times the price I paid. Up until the COVID I was rather busy. I had customers, old ones and new ones and each and everyone of them kept me rather busy. That's what customers do.

Plus, I went back to school and earned a Master Degree. As a result, and except for the once a year mandatory meeting, I didn't have much contact, much interaction with my two co-owners. The chores were far from being distributed fairly. but mine were and still are outdoors and I liked it.

550x756Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

We're far from being finished with our condo business. Our administrator just sold her condo, I don't know anything about the new co-owner but it sounds as a one way administration as usual. Me as in "I own the whole building".

P.S. I recently ordered a bath for my finches, one with a mirror at the bottom. According to someone who already bought it, birds love it, maybe because they like what they see.  Amazon just confirmed the package is "Arriving Today" and I look forward to install it and see if they like it.

550x733Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

Montreal Kits Diary 2

I didn't go to the gym this morning at 6:00 AM, my usual time. I'm kind of slow at modifying my very boring, very depressing COVID, routine. Gyms are allowed 50% of their capacity and many members were probably standing in line in the cold and waiting for the doors to open. I'm definitely procrastinating but tomorrow I'll go, it's the best thing to do, one that will help me get better emotionally.

That said, and as of Montreal Kits Diary 2, it's not only my morning workouts that are  back to normal. The good news is, by February 21st all businesses will be allowed to open at capacity and, the bad news is, by March 14th, Quebec will drop the mask and the vaccine passport in public spaces. This means that, end of March, beginning of April I'll start meeting potential customers with a mask and with my vaccine passport and 3 vaccines.

550x413Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

I still have ups and downs, small because of the COVID, medium because I stopped seeing friends, neighbors and customers, large because our administrator was and still is determined to crush me. I now know what it is to be afraid and depressed, I have been depressed ever since the pandemic started. It's far from being pleasant and it's definitely my first and my last depression. As per this Montreal Kits Diary 2 she'll pay for this somehow, someday that's for sure.

That said, I have my finches, I have my work, I'll soon have one, and two, and three, and  many customers and I may have an old boyfriend back as a friend. Not sure about this last one but we'll see. I plan on moving from here of course but, before I do, I have to find my dream little house, I have to sell, I have to buy, I have to pack, I have to move, I have to unpack and then ... I'll explore my new surroundings, get organized, meet my new neighbors ... Life is so so tough, so difficult !!!

550x733Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

Montreal Kits Diary 2

I woke up and got up very early this morning. My gym reopens today, I planned on going at 6 AM as I used to but I didn't. It's minus 18 C and I knew there was going to be a long or not so long line of people waiting for the doors to open. Gyms are allowed 50% of their capacity and I didn't want to wait in the cold. I used to go at six in the morning because it's never busy but today I didn't. I'll go today or tomorrow, I'm not sure yet but I'll probably switch time and go evenings instead of mornings.

One of my finches just gave birth to an egg and, I have mixed feelings. I have four finches, two females, two males and, if they keep making babies, and they will, I'll have 5 and 6 and 7 and 8 ??? Plus, the re-opening of all kinds of business stores and boutiques sounds like the beginning of a new era. What is my new life going to be? What are my plans, what are my goals, what are my choices and what about my Montreal Kits Diary 2?

550x733Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

The list is quite long and I have a hard time deciding what should be my number one goal, my number two, my number three as they all are important parts of my Montreal Kits Diary 2. I need to get going, I need sponsors and I need to match a made to measure list of services to a made to measure list of results for each and every potential sponsors. 

Sponsors as in Montreal based companies owned by members of the First Nations. Companies I already identified and companies I need to study, to analyze and to become familiar with. I definitely look forward to contacting each and every one of them, to arrange a meeting and to convince each and every one of them that it is in their best interest to join Montreal Kits. Plus, I should, I must go to the gym this evening. It will definitely do me a lot of good.

550x733Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

Montreal Kits Diary 2

I don't know how long this Montreal Kits Dairy 2 will last. Something like two years ago, at the beginning of the COVID 19, our condo administrator started to threaten me because I could no longer stand having to deal with such an incompetent control freak.  She hired two lawyers, one quit after two months and, before she left, she informed me, confirmed me that "G ne parle pas".

G hired a second lawyer, I know her name but, I don't why she's still around and why we still have to pay for whatever she's doing. I can't stand having to deal with a control freak who doesn't talk, who doesn't have the proper qualifications and who acts as if she owns the whole building.. What bothers me the most, what caused my depression is not only because she's a bully but also because she "fait tout à moitié". It makes me so mad.

550x406Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

She's much better at clinging to her title and at threatening me then at being responsible and professional. A co-owner and an administrator who doesn't talk and who is far from being qualified. Condo Legal and similar organizations are now reacting to administrators without proper knowledge and training and are more and more in favor of trained Gestionnaires in French, Managers in English.

I have to stop worrying, being sad and bothering you with my problems. Feeling miserable about a situation I can't change and can't fix, at least not yet is far from being productive. I hate living here, I hate this building, I no longer trust my two co-owners and I hate feeling miserable. Then again, whining and complaining won't fix anything while selling and moving in a nice little house will so, let's get positive and let's get to work NOW!

Montreal Kits Diary 2

I woke up this morning with a Montreal Kits Diary 2 and a new certainty, a new confidence, along with a long list of tasks, goals and ambitions. Why? I"m not sure yet. It is as if, not only am I back to normal but, I am back to a better normal. A normal with more confidence, more clarity and more determination. I know exactly what my work and my goals will be during the next few years.

Since the beginning of the COVID 19 and up until now, I've been living in fear because of a pandemic we didn't know anything about, but also and mostly because of a control freak condo administrator who clings to her title without having the proper skills, the proper expertise and the proper attitude. We live in the same building, of course, and I can feel the negative vibes she sends and the toxic atmosphere she creates. I long so much for pleasant encounters, interesting discussions and friendly conversations.

550x733Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

According to the web, a good administrator 1) leads and motivates team members 2) displays interest for a mission and a vision 3) possesses high morals and ethics 4) values collaboration and team-building 5) strives for high-quality work 6) makes respectful decisions. Never profit from any of those qualities here.

Her condo is now for sale, I intend to do the same soon but she doesn't know that. It's an important decision, one that will most probably stay with me for the rest of my life. Packing and moving is far from being pleasant but, what is pleasant is looking for where to live and what to buy. I became interested in "mobile houses" and been doing a lot of research and analysis recently. Here are some of my preferences and requirements. What is still in good condition, what has been repaired and what needs to be repaired.

550x733Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

Maison détachée au milieu d'un terrain clôturé, solage en béton, garantie légale, pas de piscine ni creusée ni hors terre, petite remise, vente et achat de la maison et du terrain, rue tranquille, près d'un boisé, d'un lac ou d'une rivière, entièrement rénovée, autant à l'intérieur qu'à l'extérieur, un seul stationnement, à proximité des services essentiels.

Également requis, informations concertant chauffage, goutières, électricité, installations septiques, isolation et revêtement intérieur et extérieur, plomberie, puit artésien, salle de bain, toiture, thermo pompe, etc. en excellente condition.

550x733Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

As for Montreal Kits Diary 2, most if not all mobile houses are located outside the City and Island of Montreal and I would have to move to Lanaudière, Montérégie, the Laurentides or Laval. Again, an important decision since I have a business called Montreal Kits. I no longer drive, never liked it, never enjoyed it but buses and trains are available. I will soon be traveling and sightseeing and I look forward to it. It will definitely be a nice change from unfriendly co-owners and from a never ending Covid routine.

I am interested in a mobile house but only from what I found on the web. Many have two bedrooms, one bathroom, one kitchen and one living room but, of course, I need to know exactly what I'm buying. Every details, every defects and every flaws are important. I'm not looking for a mini house, I'm looking for a mobile house with a concrete foundation and I just made a list (in French) of all the items I plan to discuss with the seller and the real estate agent.

550x413Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

I recently realized that my renewed confidence is not without flaws and, in order to remain mentally sound, I definitely need to go out every day, bring my camera, take pictures when I feel like it and continue to explore my surroundings, especially since, as of this Montreal Kits Diary 2, I will be moving very soon.

P.S. Regarding the windows of our condo building, they are not PVC windows, they are aluminum windows but, just like PVC, they can be painted using a paint brush or spray paint. Make sure the paint is suitable for aluminum, paint slowly in an up and down motion and cover all areas of the frame as evenly as possible. Leave the paint to dry before applying another coat.

550x740Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

Montreal Kits Diary 2

Yesterday evening I removed from my Nav Bar the two journals I recently started to keep. It felt as if I was whining and complaining while the whole world is suffering and trying to cope. I may not be whining and complaining, a little bit maybe, but I am definitely procrastinating a lot because I am far from being comfortable with social media.

It's Montreal Kits Diary 2 and it's time for me to "invite" people to my site via social media, not just via Montreal Kits. Some of you already found me. I thank each and every one of you and appreciate your interest. I constantly, every website constantly needs more visitors so, in our case, each of our sponsors gets to be discovered, gets to be more popular and gets to be liked.

My goal is to "populate" Montreal Kits with members of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis and to share with you the values that enable them to "live in a way that promotes harmony and balance with everyone and everything in creation". FIRST Nations, they were here first.

550x733Winter in Montreal - Photo RLB

First Nations, Inuit and Métis along along with Montreal Kits and web visibility as in creating new pages and quality content, as in posting on social media, as in providing outstanding customer services, as in using target keywords, as in using local media and, as in working with influencers.

I also intend to sell my condo in the next few months but first I need to get started with the sponsorships I wish to offer to companies located in Montreal and owned by members of the First Nations. An endeavor that requires accuracy, competence, expertise, professionalism, reliability and resilience..

As for my co-owners, their condo, my condo, selling, staying, it has always been "chacun pour soi". Our administrator is selling but our facade is sort of ugly and she and me might have to reduce our "dream" price.

The windows are white, the bricks and the stairs are beige and the doors, the balconies and the ramps are brown. Then again, everything including the PVC windows could be painted black and the whole facade, the whole building would look better and would fit better in surroundings that are now different from many years ago. End of this Montreal Kits Diary 2.

Montreal Kits Diary 2

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