Montreal Cultural Diversity

 Montreal cultural diversity and strategic planning is a lot about harmonizing the strengths of our international business and trade activities to our cross cultural communication and to our global environmental issues and opportunities.

 Executives no longer question the importance of global business, on the contrary. Most if not all our international businesses view foreign competition as a challenge, as a global and fair competition and as the key factor of their success.

 Sensitivity to cultural diversity and cross cultural differences do play an important role in everything related to our import export of products and services and to the performance of each of our importers and exporters.

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Cultural Ideas & Cultural Intelligence

 In selecting to read our Cultural Behavior series you focus on cross cultural differences and on information that are vital to personal and business relationships. Failure to pay attention to these guidelines is guaranteed to affect any first encounter.

 A single cultural etiquette gaffe during an initial contact can reduce or completely eliminate the possibility of a second contact. In effect, a first bad impression can ruin the possibility of a Montreal job, a business deal, a friendly relation, ...

 Understanding our cultural diversity is the key. From one society to another, lifestyles are different and so are customs and daily habits. Being aware of cultural diversity is and will always be useful and profitable.

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Montreal Cultural Dimensions

 Cultural dimensions and cultural traditions based on knowledge, beliefs and values that evolved over the years. A proper and essential knowledge of the personal and the organizational culture of others such as those we live with, work with, do business with. 

 Canadian rules of the game that reflect our very own and very personal cross cultural solutions. Would you play hockey, football or soccer without knowing the rules? And, even if you would, do you think you could win the game? 

 As one of the few French-speaking societies in North America, Quebec is deeply attached to its culture, the very symbol of our identity. A culture tied to our French roots, our English origins, our aboriginal heritage and to a multi-ethnic population that now shapes many of our demographic habits and profile.

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Cultural Topics & Cultural Issues

 Our very own, very distinct business culture and strategic planning is no better than any other culture, it is simply different. Each organizational culture has its own rules and its own standards. Cross cultures that can only be explained by the particular circumstances each and every international organizations has to face on a daily basis.

 It is not business as usual, it never is when it comes to cultural diversity. Individuals and firms who have a proper global economy outlook and who clearly understand global buy sell offers are those who succeed and those who reach most if not all their goals.

 Based on our very own leisure cultural dimensions, it is generally easier for Canadians to do business with countries such as Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, UK and, of course USA while more preparation is required when dealing with countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Singapore or Japan.

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Cultural Diversity & Cultural Information

 International managements have it rough. They must operate and they must be efficient. On the one hand, their hypothesis and arguments are based on their personal, professional and organizational structure and, on the other, they must be familiar with the culture and the structures of all those they do business with. 

 The essence of business culture and strategic planning is not what is visible on the surface, it is how people and groups of people understand and interpret their environment. It refers to not judging by our own standards, by what we see as right or wrong, strange or normal, feasible or impossible.

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Montreal Cultural Diversity

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