Montreal Business Manners 9

 Montreal is primarily a French speaking society where any Montreal business manners 9 is always appreciated and welcomed. Montreal is pluralistic, respectful of freedom of conscience in an harmonious environment free of assimilation intent.

 In order to improve and nurture the development of each of our interpersonal and professional relationships, we have prepared and put together a total of 60 of our culture issues and culture topics. 

41. Negotiations


  • Be prepared to give reasons to justify an offer or a price.

  • During a business or negotiation meeting, we speak in turn. 

  • It is considered impolite to interrupt each other. 

  • Many of us are good negotiators.

  • We are conservative and calm.
  • We are reliable, well informed and well prepared. 

42. Networking



  • Networking means meeting with other people to develop relationships that will be beneficial to your business.

  • Do not be passive at networking activities.
  • Be prepared to shake hands and smile as they are small gestures that help start business conversations.
  • Join in and start talking. Speak to others and take part in the discussions.

  • Do not forget to pass out your business cards. 

  • We are curious and may ask you questions about your background without necessarily wanting to establish a personal or a business relation. 

43. Nonverbal Communications


 In the presence of a person of higher rank:

  • Appear interested and engaged.
  • Be polite and keep an even tone.

  • Don't be too loud or too quiet. Listen and don't interrupt
  • Don't frown or show anger. Smile and nod at appropriate times but don't overdo it.
  • Make eye contact for a few seconds at a time.

  • When sitting, don't slouch or lean back. When talking, don't fly your arms around.

44. Politeness


  • It is considered rude to speak in a foreign language in front of people who do not understand it or speak it. 
  • We listen and are polite enough not to interrupt a conversation or a presentation.

  • While business people are almost unfailingly courteous, the general public does not do so well in helping others.

45. Presentations


  • Arrive early so you can meet attendees before your presentation.
  • Ask questions and try to understand the reasons why they are attending your presentation.
  • Find out about their objectives and integrate them into your presentation, it will be more personal. 

  • In Montreal your audience will be mostly responsive to feasibility, cost efficiency and quantifiable results. 

 Montrealers are very sports oriented. Joining a team sport or a sports club is an excellent way to make friends and gain the trust and respect of your team members.

 We are very proud of our singers from Céline Dion to Leonard Cohen to Rufus Wainwright, our writers such as Michel Tremblay and Mordacai Richler, our festivals such as the Montreal Jazz Festival and our 24th of June St-Jean-Baptiste day off and parade.

 We are also comfortable with our dépanneurs, our bizarre North and South cardinal directions, our cycling lanes, our public transit, our "nid de poules" and, of course, our peculiar and not so peculiar business manners 9. 

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Montreal Business Manners 9

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