Montreal Business Manners 4

 Montreal Business Manners 4 to help you understand how business is done in our surroundings, what are our main social and cultural activities and favorite sports and how to behave in various and specific situations. 

16. Climate


  • A soft and rainy spring. Snow is melting and birds can be heard again.

  • A hot and green summer. Lush green and a multitude of activities.

  • A colored and cool fall. Mild weather and a foliage arrayed in brigth tones.

  • A white and cold winter. All kinds of snow conditions and an abundance of outdoor activities.

17. Communications


  • Almost everyone, companies and individuals, are connected.
  • Portable and cell phones are common working tools, along with emails and social media.

  • In 2017 Montreal became one of the world's 25 most high-tech cities.
  • Ten factors related to technological advancement were studied. 
  • Montreal ranked #18 before cities like Berlin, Hong Kong and Copenhagen.

18. Compliments


  • We do not praise easily and compliment with difficulty.

  • When we do, we do it as if we are afraid the other will become conceited or arrogant.
  • We feel we must be vigilant and must always say and do the right thing for the right reasons.

19. Construction Holidays


  • Quebec construction holiday was made official in 1970 by government decree. It took effect for the first time in the summer of 1971.
  • Every year, construction workers take their summer holiday during the two last complete civil weeks of July.
  • An annual every summer event that takes thousands of people out of the province for two weeks.
  • The construction sites are also closed two weeks during Christmas and New Year’s holiday.

20. Conversations


  • Montrealers like to small talk before a business encounter, a meeting or a presentation.
  • Sports and temperature are our most favorite and most common topics.
  • Our English and French cultural traditions both provide a unique flavor and perspective to our conversations.

  • Family however is considered a personnel matter and we very seldom talk about home.
  • We are tolerant but topics such as money, politics, religion, sex and war bother us and are considered taboo.

 Montrealers, of course, differ from one another, but they are usually tolerant of cultural differences and diversity. Montreal is French, English, multicultural and rather informal and relaxed even if conflicts do occur just like anywhere else.

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Montreal Business Manners 4

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