Montreal Business Manners 2

 Montreal Kits business manners 2 as in culture topics and professional behavior, local values and social habits. A cultural competence mixed with a proper cultural behavior and the ability to relate to many different situations.

6. Binding Agreement


  • When you promise a service or a price we expect you to keep your word.
  • A specific type of promise we perceive as a binding agreement.
  • Honour your commitments. Do what you say you will do.
  • Your credibility or the value of your word will be affected if you do not deliver as promised.

7. Body Language


  • Common courtesies such as smiling and greeting people are expected and appreciated.
  • Direct eye contact is valued during conversations. It demonstrates sincerity and interest.
  • If a woman asks you a question, make eye contact and direct your response to her.
  • We maintain a distance of approximately 60 cm or 3 feet between each other.

  • We feel uncomfortable when our personel space is invaded.

  • We rarely touch each other while conversing.

8. Business Cards


  • We exchange business cards, but remain selective. We do it when we wish to stay in relation with someone.

  • The exchange is usually done at the end of a meeting rather than at the beginning.

  • If you offer your business card we will offer ours in return. We may also wait until you ask us for one. 

  • We will often hand it over without paying much attention. Do not be offended, it is only because we do business in a rather informal way.

  • The use of French on one side and English on the other is acceptable.

9. Business Etiquette


  • Be punctual, approachable and accessible. 
  • Know how to introduce yourself.
  • Use the French "vous".
  • Set up meetings or arrange visits. Do not arrive without an invitation.
  • Be polite and friendly in hallways and return phone calls. 
  • Simply out of courtesy 2, do master French, read, write and speak.

10. Business Lunch


  • A business lunch sometimes serves as a preparation for a negotiation.

  • A business lunch is offered to maintain a good business relation and partnership. 

  • Most of the time, we will entertain in a restaurant and during lunch hour.
  • Lunch is usually light, without alcool and will last about one hour and a half. 

 Business manners 2 are not without incongruities.

 For example:

  • We can order and receive a pizza faster than when we call for an ambulance.
  • In our drug stores, the pharmacists and all the prescription drugs are way back while the cigarette counter (was - it no longer is) close to the entrance and to the cash.
  • It is not unusual for some of us to order a double cheese burger, a large fries and ... a diet coke.

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Montreal Business Manners 2

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