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 Meetings conferences conventions. Meetings can be called at any time, in any space available and are usually informal, Conferences are normally formal and come with a list of items to be discussed. As for conventions, they are mostly assemblies of people who meet for a common purpose.

 Meetings, conferences and conventions can and do come with lots and lots of potential along with lots and lots of problems. Whether the person or persons in charge are seasoned veterans or novices, there are many different do's and don't that will determine the success, the half-success or the failure of any meeting, any conference, any convention.

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Audio Visual Presentations

 Hotel audio visual presentations are simple when handled correctly but many little and not so little problems can and do happen and each and everyone of them need to be taken care of like NOW! Make sure facilities and equipment are available, rehearse the presentation and hire a photographer or rent a film recorder of your proceedings for future references and analysis. 

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Meetings Conferences Conventions - Organization

 Make sure that all the packages pertaining to your meeting, conference or convention are shipped in advance. Mail a summary of the items shipped under separate cover to your hotel contact and arrange for return shipment after the meeting, 

 Transportation is important if meetings are to be on time so, check airports, buses and cabs. Plus, under miscellaneous, provide name badges and directional signs and get senior management involved in the overall organization.

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 Meetings, conferences and conventions in center hotels are characterized by their combination of guest rooms and meeting space. These properties are designed to host small to medium to large events and to provide a variety of event options to accommodate different setups, different entertainment opportunities, A/V equipment and breakout replacements.

 A/V as in audio/visual refers to a broad variety of digital audio and video devices for commercial use. Audiovisual equipment in the corporate world is used in many different settings including meetings, conferences and video conferences, conventions, presentations and many more!

Tool Box Safety Meeting

 Finally, take your guests into consideration. How many are coming from out of town? How are they getting there? Will they prefer easy access to the airport or closeness to downtown night life? Is there plenty of parking? How much do they know about your convention facility meeting?

 Of course, you want an excellent rapport with the staff. Hall management and staff have to make things run smoothly and deal with all kinds of glitches including the unpredictable. However, if they are motivated, there is no obstacle they cannot overcome.

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Hotel Proper Gratuities

 The success of a meeting, a presentation or a convention is not in any way proportional to the amount of gratuity but to the amount of work that has been done before, during and after any event.

 That said, a list of tipping guidelines can be included in the registration packet. Check with the hotel management to see if they have a particular way in which they like blanket gratuities to be handled.

 Hotels may or may not automatically add gratuity to room service and we highly recommend that you check. Tipping housekeeping may or may not be the norm but, it is nice to leave a small gratuity, especially if you leave a mess or call for extra towels.

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Hotel Appropriate Gratuities

 During the convention, keep a running list of people who have performed special services. Be sure to include their gratuities in the convention budget.

 When tipping, try to get the message across the tips that they are a token of appreciation and not just a matter of handing out money. Maintain records of tips given although some firms prefer to give their gratuities by check and not by cash.

 Ask for hotel menus, consult the catering manager, look for seasonal or house specials and decide on prices. Check meeting rooms and facilities, make sure proper space is allocated and be aware of hotel procedures and regulations.

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Meetings Conferences Conventions

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