Luxurious Hotels and Motels

 Luxurious hotels and motels are, of course, two different types of temporary lodging. Hotels can have hundreds of rooms while motels commonly have a one or two-floor layout.

 Motel rooms, some facilities, few amenities, lower motel prices along interstates, higher mote prices in city centers.

 Motels - a contraction of motor and hotel - are conveniently located by the roadside and usually offer free parking. Roadside motels, overnight accommodation, motel rooms, motel prices and motel monthly rates all tailored for motorists. 

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Montreal Motel Rooms

 Budget motels, cheap motels, the closest motel, a dog friendly motel, a city center motel, all kinds of motels and important questions that need to be asked and answered. 

 Many motels feature rooms with separate entrances that face a large parking lot so: 

  • What is the general condition of the exterior of the motel? Is it well landscaped and maintained? 
  • What is the general condition of the hotel rooms? Do they meet proper standards of cleanliness, safety and functionality?
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  • Are both vehicle and pedestrian access impeded by a hedge or by some other barrier? Is there a fence around the property or, is access controlled by a gate or by other means?
  • Is access to the building limited by card keys or some other means? How quickly are card keys reprogrammed, immediately, upon checkout, the day after checkout?
  • How many entrances and exits are there to the motel grounds? How many are there to the motel building itself? Does all foot and vehicle traffic have to pass by the front office to access the rooms and the public areas?
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 Extended stay motels and questions such as: where are you located, do you have off street parking, is breakfast included, what are my eating options, do you allow pets?

Montreal Hotels Motels

 There are a number of circumstances where it makes more sense to choose a motel instead of a hotel. Circumstances such as:

 You are looking for the best value, not for property amenities such as a fitness center or room service and motels can be cheaper. Or, you are on a road trip and all you want is an inexpensive place to get some sleep after a long day of driving.

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 Motels are typically designed for short stays. They tend to be confined to locations close to roads and highways, outside the cities but along popular tourist routes and, they can be the cheapest places to stay.

 Continental breakfasts are not offered but some motels may offer a basic breakfast with hard-boiled eggs, bread and cereal. 

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Luxurious Hotels and Motels

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