Local Self Help Meetings

 Local self help meetings that make all the difference between a boring meeting and a successful meeting. Interesting meetings that are rather easy to prepare and productive meetings that need a positive vision and an accurate preparation.

 Virtual meetings, online meetings, morning meetings, convention meetings, world meetings, all kinds of meetings that require the same meeting etiquette, the same meeting rules and the same meeting courtesy.

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Local AA Meetings

 Purpose, process, issues, clarity, every self help meeting must have a well defined reason for being called. By planning ahead and then by taking action, anyone can rise to the challenge of organizing agenda items that are significant, interesting and useful. 

 Time is truly and definitely money and the best meetings, the most productive ones are those during which all the main elements of the agenda have been taken forward professionally. 

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 Start on time, end on time and make sure the conversations are regulated. Only one person should speak at a time and the language should always be courteous and appropriate. Members who are interested, who do not interrupt and who discuss and comment only the items that are on the agenda.

Local Gay Meetings

 Each meeting planning checklist should be structured and organized according to the agenda of the day and should encourage a free exchange of ideas related to all the issues of the day.  

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 Meetings, making decisions and arriving at conclusions, they all go together. Decisions and conclusions that need to be logical and responsible and that must reflect a vision based on creative problem solving and impact. 

Local Online Meetings

 Listening, collaborating and being opened to new ideas are basic behaviors during a self help meeting. The idea is not to arrive with a mind already made up, the idea is to listen, to learn and to eventually form an opinion based on proper knowledge. 

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 The participation of all members is key to effective meetings. The best decisions come from a variety of perspectives shared by team members who feel free to share their negative opinions as well as their positive suggestions. 

 Team members that each share the responsibility for the way the meeting is carried out. Team members who contribute, who feel free to speak out and who keep the meeting on track and moving in a right and positive direction.

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Local Senior Meetings

 Variety is the opposite of dull and boring meetings that can easily be prevented. Variety as in an assortment of modern type meetings with, for instance, guest speakers and staff presentations that may or may not be followed by a discussion or a debate. 

 Logistical support such as audio/video systems, a registration table and a list of participants, a room set-up with chairs, tables, flip-charts, catering and refreshments and breakout groups and activities to increase participation.

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 Local Self Help Meetings

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