LaSalle Borough

The LaSalle borough is racially diverse, family friendly and home to peaceful residential neighborhoods and vast green spaces. LaSalle is where properties are financially accessible and where buildings are relatively modern compared to other boroughs.


Areas such as the Quartier Angrignon located just a few minutes from the last Metro station on the Green Line called the Angrignon Metro Station and close to the Angrignon Park. A huge Angrignon Park located in Le Sud-Ouest borough but adjacent to the LaSalle borough.

A Quartier Angrignon described as a "place to live between city and nature'' that offers a wide range of homes for all budgets along with an interesting commercial proposal called the Carrefour Angrignon just a few minutes from the Angrignon Metro Station and from downtown Montreal.

Many, many different Angrignon locations to remember...

LaSalle Urban Daily

The borough is definitely well served by the Carrefour Angrignon commercial complex with its many individual retails stores and useful guest services such as a breast feeding room, a recycling bin for used batteries and reserved parkings for those with a mobility impairment.


Practical, pleasant and stimulating offers such as the Newman Plaza, a popular commercial neighborhood, the gastronomic Dollard Avenue known for its many restaurants and commercial activities and the Octogone Library with its many different adult and youth sections.

Living surroundings for families and individuals where common experiences are shared. Local daycare services, schools, recreational activities, businesses, organizations, employment, churches and charities that are part of the local daily life. Environmental features and common surroundings that must and do include safety, amenity, accessibility, sociability, and attractiveness.

LaSalle Economic Equilibrium

In 1912, the then LaSalle municipality was home to a few industries but, as early as 1925 and despite the Great Depression of the 1930s, a large assortment of industries and construction businesses emerged and progressed all over what was then a municipality.


A LaSalle borough since 2002 and a highly industrialized area located between downtown Montreal and the Montréal-Trudeau International Airport. LaSalle is now one if not the most important industrial and commercial borough of the island of Montreal.

Advantages that already attracted a rather large number of dynamic small, medium and large businesses, professional services and commercial establishments. The LaSalle borough also being favored by a qualified and bilingual work force, a well organized public transit system and a convenient closeness to downtown Montreal.

LaSalle Urban Gardens

The LaSalle borough is where many different and neighborly green areas, gardens and parks are available and where young and not so young residents and families can enjoy nice moments of relaxation in each of their local and peaceful environments.


Two community gardens, Charles-Naguy and des Rapides both located on the LaSalle Boulevard and a large Riverside Park with its many different sports attractions such as baseball, soccer and football fields, tennis courts, swimming pools, a running track, two stadiums, children playgrounds and outdoor ice rinks during winter. 

Moreover, the Parc des Rapides is part of the network of the Large Parks of the City of Montreal. With its many different bird and fish species, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and rare plants, the park is a federal ecological and migratory bird sanctuary and a peaceful haven. A Park that is also home to a large colony of blue herons and to many different waterfowl species.


A borough well served with local and tourist attractions such as jet boat expeditions, river surfing and whitewater rafting and kayaking on the Lachine Rapids as well as many seasonal activities such as fishing, hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing.

The adjacent Angrignon Park with its 19th-century English gardens, the historic Lachine Canal from the Old Port to the Lake St-Louis, the hand made Aqueduct Canal that provides drinking water to Montrealers and the majestic views of the St. Lawrence River all provide recreational areas and vast and peaceful green spaces.

LaSalle Public Transport Services

No detailed and reliable information have been found yet regarding public transport services in the LaSalle borough but Your Trip of the STM, our Société de Transport de Montréal with all its schedules, maps and fares can definitely help you find your way around. And so does the Google Map below.

Help can also be found by visiting the RTL the Réseau de transport de Longueuil or the STL the Société de transport de Laval. Both will definitely take you wherever you wish to go all over Greater Montreal, that is all over Longueuil, Montreal and Laval.

LaSalle Urban Geography

The Lachine Rapids are located on the St-Lawrence River between the LaSalle borough on the Island of Montreal and the Kanawake Reserve on the South Shore easily accessible via the Honoré-Mercier Bridge.

The name Lachine Rapids was kept simply because the LaSalle borough of today was once part of the Lachine Parish of yesterday.The Lachine Rapids are approximately 3 miles or 4.8 km and, long before they became a recreational attraction, they represented a difficult barrier to maritime traffic.

Even after the opening of the Lachine Canal in 1824, the difficulty was such that it was more convenient to ship goods by rail to what is now the Old Port of Montreal where cargo could be easily loaded. A difficulty that became an asset since Montreal is now a major rail center and a large port.

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LaSalle Borough by Rachel Louise Barry