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 A one of a kind series of JEPeterson books online created exclusively for Dr J.E. Peterson, a political analyst and author of history books, Dr J.E. Peterson has taught at various universities in the United States and France and has been associated with a number of leading research institutes in the United States and the United Kingdom. 


 Until 1999, he served in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Security and Defence in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. He is also a member of the Academic Advisory Board of the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research.

 Affiliated with the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Arizona, he also serves on the editorial advisory boards of the Middle East Journal, the Journal of Arabian Studies, the Journal of Oman StudiesLiwa (the journal of the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates), and the academic advisory board of the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research.

John E. Peterson Books Online - Dr J.E. Peterson

175x262Yemen - JEP

 Dr. J.E. Peterson is a political analyst and historian specializing in the Arabian Gulf and Peninsula.

175x262Oman - JEP

 He is the author or editor of a dozen or so books and monographs, the most recent of which are:

  • Historical Muscat:  An Illustrated Guide and Gazetteer (Brill, 2007); 
  • Oman's Insurgencies:  The Sultanate's Struggle for Supremacy (Saqi, 2007);
  • The GCC States:  Participation, Opposition, and the Fraying of the Social Contract (London School of Economics and Politics, Kuwait Programme, December 2012, No. 26);
  • The Emergence of the Gulf States:  Studies in Modern History (editor, Bloomsbury, 2016);
  • Saudi Arabia Under Ibn Saud:  Economic and Financial Foundations of the State (I.B. Tauris, 2018).

 A third edition of Historical Dictionary of Saudi Arabia (Scarecrow Press) is forthcoming.

550x413Doha Sunset by J.E. Peterson

 Dr Peterson has also published some 40 scholarly articles and an equal number of contributions to edited works. 

Recent examples of the latter include:

  • “Yemen:  Tribes, the State, and the Unravelling” in Tribes and States in a Changing Middle East (Uzi Rabi, editor, Hurst/Oxford University Press, 2016);
  • “Prospects for Proliferation in Saudi Arabia” in Crossing Nuclear Thresholds (Jeannie L. Johnson et al., eds., Palgrave Macmillan, 2018). 

 He is presently working on a study of Oman since 1970 and a modern history of Arabia.

Dr J.E. Peterson in Doha, Capital of Qatar

550x344Doha Islamic Museum by J. E. Peterson

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