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IStock images bought many years ago, at the beginning of my endeavor with Montreal Kits and with Solo Build It! Now, when I go for a walk I bring my camera and take pictures of just about everything.

550x362My favorite... An interesting view of homes and families in the City of Montreal
550x366Me, many years ago !!! I'm lying. I've never been able to jump that high!
550x460I love industrial sites and manufacturing plants where workers operate huge machines and manufacture all kinds of goods using all kinds of raw material.
550x719Going up the ladder of success ...
550x729Construction is everywhere in Montreal, it has been for years.
550x812Could be in Le Plateau Mont-Royal or in Le Sud-Ouest. Don't know really.
550x824What did I say about construction in Montreal !!!
550x365You maybe ... a fan of Montreal Kits!

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IStock Images by Rachel Louise Barry

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