Internet Marketing Tools

 DAY SEVEN and all its Internet marketing tools is a lot about our "off-page" concept. It is also about the importance of receiving traffic from a variety of sources.

 Day 7 is very much related to high value content pages, to being "accessible" on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, to a growing search on mobile devices, to a well established presence in the search engines and to creating an engaging social media presence. Then, we move forward...

 It took me a while to "move forward" though. "Once you have visitors coming to your site, it is important to build solid relationships with them" says SBI! During DAY EIGHT we "develop our relationships, deepen our preselling ... and expand our network". 

 A process I should have started during DAY FIVE as instructed but I was rather anti-social then. In those days relationships were not my priority. But then, DAY EIGHT is also a lot about building friendly, asking-nothing relationships and, about depeening our PREselling. In the end, it's all about "the more fans and traffic we have, the higher up we can aim"

Internet Marketing Strategies

 DAY NINE is a lot about understanding the actions of our visitors. Those who have an interest in our content, those who generate traffic coming into our site and those leaving our content pages. Information that enable each and everyone of us  to do more of what works and to fix what does not work or to stop doing it.

 Day 9 is also every much about Traffic Stats such as the number of visits to our site, the number of visitors and the number of page views. Traffic stats about our most popular pages, most favored entry pages and most frequent exit pages as well as about the keyword phrases people enter into their favorite search engine. 

Internet Marketing Techniques

 The Internet marketig tools of DAY TEN help us decide whether the time is right to monetize. Did we attain all the goals mentioned in DAY TEN?

 Did we give due consideration to whether we are ready or not or if our website is ready? Do we have a firm knowledge of our visitors, of their problems, their needs and desires and the possible solutions? 

 Did we confirm and finalize our two leading monetization options? Those that best meet our customers' needs. Have we implemented our first option? Have we published more content? Have we scheduled a date for our second monetization option?

Online Internet Marketing Tools

 Montreal Kits started as something to do, not much more but now it is slowly and surly sparking some interest. A Montreal Kits that is gradually becoming a genuine and lucrative online business one single DAY at a time, thanks to SBI! Solo Build It! and to all its Internet Marketing Tools.

 It's nice to have a very informative and very detailed Solo Build It! Action Guide to accompany each of our online business endeavors. Ken Evoy, the founder of SBI! and his team are very knowledgeable, very prolific and very helpful. Definitely one of the main reasons why all the SBI!'s business-building functions are so helpful.

 Literally nothing is left out. Something I find quite reliable and totally practical and feasible. DAY 1 to DAY 10 has got ALL the "easily accessible information" we need and more to build our very own and very profitable online business using our very own creativity.

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Internet Marketing Tools

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