Internet Home Business

 It is during DAY FOUR that we start examining the details of our Montreal Kits - Internet home business, During DAY 4 we analyze our monetization opportunities and start planning. DAY 4 is a BIG day!

 DAY 4 is when we decide if we want a hobby or a business which, of course, are both fine. It is during DAY 4 that we build a mental picture of our ideal visitor and start researching, analyzing and developing the monetization mix we will finalize on DAY TEN. 

 According to the monetization research I did during my SBI! DAY 4, my ideal visitors are interested in Montreal and are looking for "something" located on the Island of Montreal. Ideal online visitors who have now been further detailed, along with an extensive profile of our very best customers. More on this later.

Internet Business Opportunities

 During DAY FIVE we give "personality" and "charisma" to our very own Internet home business. First with personal site design, second with personal content, and third, with personal positioning. How do we achieve all this? "By tailoring the right personality to our thumbnail VISITOR and by focusing on serving that person totally."

 DAY 5 ends with "focus on your business". I am (somewhat) ashamed to admit that I could (should) focus more on everything I need to do to REGULARLY grow my business. DAY 5 strongly recommends "biz-blinders" and suggests we "take our time", "do each step well the first time" and "follow the Action Guide".

 DAY 5 is also about reviewing our key decisions, Right before DAY SIX with advice and guidance about "building a site that gets the click". DAY 6 is crucial because it is during DAY 6 that we publish our first "keyword-focused content pages" and go public for the first time!

Internet Business Services

 DAY 6 is hard work. During DAY 6 we create our site design, review our site structure, build our home page, choose and upload the right images, organize our site navigation, build our first Tier 2 pages...

 On DAY 6 we create and publish our home page and set our "visitor's first impression". A home page followed by Tier 2 pages. Pages that link to money and that link out, A moderate number of text links that each provide value to our visitors. 

 On DAY 6 we create great content, grow our web presence and cultivate our brand. Content with images, videos or podcasts. Content with social media strategies and social media updates with comments we receive and comments we make. Content and newsletters to our subscribers...

 Another BIG DAY and an even bigger accomplishment.

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