Importance of Networking Activities

 Basically, the importance of networking activities is often if not always related to developing professional and/or social contacts, offering assistance, generating referrals, meeting potential customers, identifying opportunities such as partnerships, joint ventures, new areas of expansion ...

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Be Effective with your Requests

 There are people all around you who can contribute to you in some way. Asking for and using the support of others is a significant step in eliminating the Lone Ranger mentality. Stop thinking that if you wan a job done right you have to do I yourself. Instead see how you can best get the job done with the support and assistance of others.

 When you are stuck, have a difficult personal or business problem, or want to enhance your skills in a particular area, ask for assistance from others. Another person can often provide objective support and valuable insights. Most people come up against the same problems or barriers to producing results. By calling for assistance you can often resolve these problems quickly and easily.

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Create Visibility through Participation

 Join a professional organization and you will enhance your opportunity to expand your network as well as to develop your personal and professional skills. Clubs and organizations provide a place to meet like-minded people and develop yourself as a networker.

 People who belong to professional organizations are generally the type of people who like to participate and contribute. Your participation in organizations will generate rich relationships, community service opportunities and exceptional business growth.

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Develop a Personal Networking Approach

 Your intuition can assist you in responding to opportunities with power and clarity. When you learn to trust that gut feeling or inner voice, you will be more flexible, perceptive and adaptable to the situations around you.

 Following your intuition is the best way to develop trust and awareness of your own natural instincts. Your instincts will tell you when things are not going well, when it is time to regroup, when to offer support and when to take the initiative to ask for what you want. Strong intuition will keep you keenly aware of how to respond to the people and opportunities around you.

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Network to Enhance your World

 As your network and your networking activities expand, you will become known as a powerful networker. When you are known for something, people will think of you and call on you.

 And when they know you have a strong network, they will be drawn to cal on you because of the power that you exhibit through your resources. Your name will be linked with others who are resourceful networkers, once again creating a strong and expanding pool of resources.

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Maintain High Touch through High Tech

 Technology is providing us with new, efficient ways to connect, communicate and network with one another. However, we must learn to use these tools effectively while maintaining a personal touch and sense of relatedness.

 It is easy to think that the power of the future is in technology. Yet even though technology influences our lives every day, the power of the future is in people. No matter how high tech we get, nothing will ever replace the value and importance of your people skills. In fact the more high tech we get, the more important those people skills become.

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Importance of Networking Activities

 Networking is a lifestyle for success that will provide you with support for life. If, like so many others, you have not been using your resources and contacts fully to accomplish your dreams, then it is time to broaden your vision and activate your network.

 Consistent and persistent utilization of your networking approach will reap amazing benefits. If you join a networking club, don’t look for a return right away. Focus on getting to know people, participating fully, and supporting others as best you can.

Excerpts from a Montreal Business Kit workshop based on "Power Networking " by Donna Fisher & Sandy Vilas, on "The Networking Survival Guide " by Diane Darling and on ”Fearless Networking” by Ken Marsh.

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Importance of Networking Activities

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